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Auto insurance in Florida results in protecting the consumer against the losses arising from a car accident. The government has laid down a number of rules in regard to the auto insurance in Florida such as, if a person owns a vehicle which is being driven in Florida in excess of 4 months then it becomes compulsory for the owner to purchase auto insurance in Florida. There are two laws that are related with auto insurance in Florida. The two laws are No-fault and financial liability law.

There are some basic requirements and rules of auto insurance in Florida. Under the financial liability law,Guest Posting if a consumer has an auto accident than he has to shell out damages worth $11,000/person in case the injury is restricted to the victim’s body, $22,000 for injury to body of people in excess of one and $15,000 in the form of damages to the victim’s property. On the other hand, the No-Fault law aims at protecting the consumer from losses arising due to personal injury in the above accident.

Thus it is mandatory to purchase auto insurance in Florida worth $11,000 for injury caused to the policy holder and $11,000 for the damages to the property. If we haven’t used the auto insurance even once than the coverage would help us and will take care of our medical expenditure provided that the other motorist involved in the accident has got no auto insurance to compensate us.

The government in Florida is very strict when it comes to auto insurance in Florida. If a driver has inadequate or has no auto insurance in Florida than his driving license can be suspended up to four years. It is thus a law to purchase auto insurance in Florida and breaking of this law will result in presenting a form such as SP-22 to the related department and involves paying an additional fine of $200 so as to reinstate our driving license. 

Therefore, a responsible driver is required to purchase a PIP (personal injury protection plan) of $11,000 in order to cover funeral arrangements or medical treatment depending on the given accident scene. Along with this, property damage accountability reporting is also obligatory for casing the costs for replacement or repair of the damaged material and goods because of the accident. Coverage such as Bodily Injury accountability is also required to be purchased by the owner of the vehicle so as to take care of the person injured by him in course of the incident.

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