Investment Strategy & Tips for Indian Stock Market

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Trading Strategy include various method to trade in stock market like Discretionary trading, automated trading. Similarly, investment strategy advice the investors, one of them investment strategy is buy and hold, it is a long term investment strategy.  

Trade in the stock market is a method in which the transfer of stocks is made between buyer and seller. Stock market or Equity Market is the place where seller and buyers are coming together and can trade in shares/ stocks. Shares are categorized in various ways. One of the common ways is by the country,Guest Posting where the company has established oneself. A stock trader is a company or person include in trading in equity stake that put money to use the equity stake. Traders are engaged in selling and buying shares, shares and futures in hedge funds.

Trading Strategy:

           It is a plan to achieve profits in return in both the market (long time investment, market or short time investment market). Trading strategy is based on two types of analysis that is fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Traders perform vast observation as well as research; this is done by the study of economic, micro economic and also by macroeconomic to know how financial market will perform.

This is also one advance way that traders can do technical analysis of specific industry to track their performance and assets. This financial analysis shows the comparison between current and future regulation.

Basically, there are two ways to implement trading strategy in both long duration and short duration market.

Discretionary Trading

Discretionary Trading needs skill and discipline which usually reduce its performance.

Automated Trading

In Automated Trading computer assisted trading is implemented in which computer program is used.

Investment Strategy & Tips:

It is a set of rules for investors advise them in investment index. Investors expect to have a high return with low risk so; they end up with buy-high strategy and sell low strategy. Buy and Hold is a longer investment strategy, it includes buying company shares and can hold them for a long period. This concept is based for profit in return. It is one of the best strategies so one can enter on low position in the market and sell on high positions in the market, which does not work for small investors, it is better for long time investors.

Investment can be done online which is known as online trading, where investors or traders can buy and sell stocks. For this investment advisory firm build which is also known as financial organization. These advisers provide the investment ideas and solutions to their clients after the analysis by experts.

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