ROI Developed High-End Physical Inventory System

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ROI Inventory was founded in order to provide all retail vertical markets an accurate and reliable inventory count while acknowledging that each retailer has its unique character and demand.

ROI Physical Inventory is proud to introduce our latest development in our high-end Physical inventory services. During the last three months the developing team took a stand and responded to all the feedback and suggestions from our clients.

Our mission is and was to always keep the level of high accuracy and at the same time make the system more dynamic . As always,Guest Posting the software was put to the test in the most challenging business environment and under the most demanding managers and owners. The feedback was great, costumers love the way the counting and scanning inventory is double checked. Managers enjoy monitoring the progress of the inventory counting for one specific scanner or to monitor everything in real time.

The feedback that gave ROI Inventory the most pride was the feeling of confidence that the users felt during the Physical Inventory Services. The ability to see and correct mistakes on the spot using a real time monitoring system and double checking every location and product.  As part of our conversation with costumers we put major efforts in making sure that the system will continue to be user-friendly.

ROI will continue to provide consulting and assistance in preparation for the inventory including how to maintain a high level of inventory maintenance. The ambition to create a better service for our existing clients and for future clients will never stop and we will continue to improve. ROI takes pride in listening to everyone’s feedback no mater from which position they have in the company.

For more information please call 201-414-3114 and ROI Inventory will be happy to answer all questions regarding physical inventory. Feel free to contact us 7 days a week.

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