Successful Spread Betting with MF Global Spreads

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Capital Spreads is a form of spread betting broker company which is popular in the industry for offering tight spreads that can get as low as 1p with a user friendly trading platform.

The MF Global Spreads is MF Global Holding Ltd.’s US based brokerage firm and it is also its spread betting broker division. It is recognized by the New York Stock Exchange and is known in the business to offer a long list of products to its customers. It is much like the other spread betting brokers except from one thing: they accept smaller bets.    

The spread betting platform that MF Global Spreads uses is the Phoenix trading platform. This is considered a standard in the trading industry and offers the standard security measures such as the Dow Jones Newswires.   

For new accounts,Guest Posting the players need to place in two bets so they may use one year free access to two sites that offer analysis: Zaks-TA and Chart-Guide. Out of this, the new players would be given £2 for betting on the Daily FTSE 100 Cash Index that automatically ends at 1630 every day.

Those who prefer to go online and do their trading or betting over the web can use the trading platform online. This is available all day, however, the trading hours are only open during the desk hours starting from 0700 and closes on 2145 hours. Every Friday, the desk is only until 2115 hours and closes beyond that time. The players can place a minimum bet of 20p on some of the devices. This enables new clients to understand how the platform functions without getting the risk of losing a sizable amount of money. A new client can also do their spread betting over the telephone by simply calling MF Global Market trading desk to speak to the available dealer on the wire. 

The Phoenix trading platform is very easy to use, a simple click on the mouse button is all that it takes so the clients can access the markets and instantly or impulsively trade if they desire to. To date, MF Global Spread Betting offers their clients a one year free of charge subscription of analysis through their Zaks-TZ site.  

For new clients, it may be difficult for them to be fully comfortable with the process. However, this is the single way for clients to know how to properly trade taking into account the numbers being placed. Ultimately, this type of trading platform is appropriate for new clients who are just new on the spread betting industry. There may be some small issues along the process, however, a client will surely discover a lot of things by using this spread betting brokerage firm and it would definitely be useful to the client in the future.

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