Bombay's first don, whose eyes were taken away by Amitabh and Ajay Devgan

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Mumbai underworld don and gunda


Many people claim that Amitabh Bachchan did not engage in the number of handsome people in the wall film. There can be a reason for this. Those penetrating eyes,Guest Posting which he showed in the wall, his depth probably did not come in any role. The same thing was later seen in Ajay Devgan. People in Ajay's eyes were crazy. That way of looking, which in a minute made the existence of the front water. Looking the other way while talking. Whether it is Mehbooba or a gangster. Trust in my existence so much that no one can do anything for me. Regardless of any kind of danger. But equally aware. The two opposing things used to be together. what is islam religion all about

But it is said that these things came from real life. The style of a gangster was copied. This gangster had never fired even a bullet. The crime was given some reason with ethics that people used to give up on every act. Had also gone to jail in emergency. And at the behest of JP, the path also changed. A gangster who was charmed by Sharafat. Which gave a new way to the heroes of Bollywood. Haider Mastan Mirza chandravanshi.


Hyder was born on 1 March 1926 in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. Father was a poor farmer. There was no money in the house. Work was very difficult. It was so difficult that even leaving home could not go anywhere to earn. Then a time came that the cooking in the house stopped. It was 1934. The father decided that now he would go to Bombay. He has come. But I could not find work Then he opened a shop for making bicycle puncture in Bengali Tola near Crawford Market. Mastan kept watching with his father. Two poles of life On one side, the luxurious grandeur of Bombay, whose fate is written with colorful pieces. On the other hand, the fate of poverty in which the pages are left plain. Need to find a brush.


Bombay also gave the Jamir to Mastan and the way to use Jamir

10 years had passed since Mastan came to the city. Bombay was on its own pace. From the Quit India movement to business everything was flourishing here. The country was changing. Good days were coming. But not everyone Mastan did not come at all. This was the period when many people from Madras came to Bombay. Madras, Bombay and Calcutta were the cities of the British, where trade took place. Where people saw the future. At the same time, Mastan met Ghalib Sheikh. Ghalib needed a working part boy. He said that if Mastan works as a porter at the dock and brings some goods out of hiding in clothes, then he will get money. This was the period when the British used to take everything out of India and take it out in front of their eyes. And the people of India used to bring goods from them in hiding. To steal from the port was to steal from the English system. This crime was slightly different. If you look at the time, then it would be very interesting. Mastan started feeling like Mastan had discovered Kachi.

At that time, all these things were smuggled into India, electronic goods, expensive watches, jewelry. Because nothing was made in India. Taxes had to be paid a lot when ordered in a legal way. So the way of smuggling was taken out. Nearly 12 years later, Mastan met Sukur Narayan Bakhia, a notorious smuggler from Gujarat. Now both of them are frozen. By then Philips transistors had also arrived. Now smuggling has increased further. Think that the clock, radio was smuggled. At the time, this used to go on in dowry at weddings as well.

Got a lot of money. Quli Mastan had now become Mastan Bhai. It was not that other brothers had not left there. Varadarajan Mudaliar also came out. On which Ramgopal Varma is making a film. There were many more people. But there was no question about Mastan Because Mastan did not just have smuggling. Mastan had his way. To speak, to talk, to see and to keep the promise. To understand the human spirit. To maintain ethics in some places. Do not be lewd. Not to be murdered. And to know your JD. To consider the crime of this unique way to work. To love Bombay.








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