Listening to the Sounds of Nature

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The pleasures of pure nature sounds

Listening to the wonderful sounds of nature can be a truly relaxing and healing experience. Whether you choose to meditate or not is personal preference. Many find that just attentive listening is more than enough for instant relaxation and connection with the planet.

Being outside in a forest,Guest Posting mountainside or near a river is preferable where one can savour the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside but that's not so easy in today's hectic world.

Even if you did manage to 'get away' there are no guarantees that you can avoid unwanted sounds such as aircraft, trains, cars, barking dogs and noisy children. It may also turn cold and start to rain.

However for a quick pick me up, or a complete chill out listening to pure nature sounds on a music center, computer or mp3 player can be almost as good as being there.

A great variety of different and inspiring nature sound CD's are available to buy these days. From popular favourites such as a mountain stream, ocean waves or tropical rainforest, there are many more specific ones available such as underwater whale sounds or recordings made at a particular location on the planet.

Although music can be relaxing I find that the best nature Cd's are those that are pure nature sounds and do not have accompanying music or chants. Avoid also those that flip from one sound to another for variety. If you are going to relax by a mountain stream for example you will want to do it for an hour or more and not be interrupted by music or a change in location!

The sounds of a secluded waterfall for example can be particularly enchanting as the water cascades downwards into the lake below. Shut your eyes and you can almost feel the spray on your face as you are mesmerised and relaxed by the falling water as it dashes off the rocks below.

Listening to pure nature sounds can be done at any time of day. Some choose to meditate with them at the start of the day, others listen to them as they fall asleep at night.

A ten minute recharge may suit some people, whilst others may listen to them as they work on their PC. They can be used to mask unwanted street sounds and even help you concentrate whilst studying.

People spend so much of their time, working and rushing from one thing to another that they often forget what a wonderful planet we are living on and that they can be transported instantly to relaxing places at the touch of a button.

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