Select Healthcare Palliative Care Home

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When a person is suffering from a serious long term illness or other life threatening they will need more than a bed and nursing care. Such an individual will need a wide variety of services including psychological care, pain treatment, spiritual support, companionship and leisure activities.

This means that a person with a serious condition will require palliative care. Palliative care is the specialized treatment and care designed for persons who are living with the pain and other symptoms of serious physical conditions.

Not every nursing home will offer palliative care but Select Healthcare Group operates four homes that provide state of the art palliative care. Select Healthcare Group is a family owned company that operates ten care homes in England.

Select Healthcare offers each patient a personalized plan of palliative care with treatments and care designed specifically for that individual.  This care strategy is designed to meet that particular patient’s needs.

The highly trained staff at a Select Healthcare Palliative Care Home pays close attention to pain. Special efforts are made to tend to the spiritual and emotional health of every patient.

Psychologists and counselors are on staff to help patients deal with the emotional pains of illness. Clergy and religious services are available to help patients tend to their spiritual needs.

In addition to the latest medical care Select Healthcare’s homes offer patients a wide variety of activities. Every patient is encouraged to keep pursuing their hobbies and get involved in group activities. Select works hard to make sure that every patient stays active and has fun during their stay.

Other activities available at Select homes include day trips,Guest Posting walks in the countryside, gardening and trips to entertainment activities. Serious illness doesn’t have to be a time of depression and gloom at a Select Care home.

Select Healthcare has a team of experienced experts standing by to help patients and their loved ones make a decision about a care home. Select’s staff can give anybody complete information and advice so they can make an informed decision.

Most people who need Palliative Care should qualify for reimbursements from the National Health Service and other government assistance. The experts at Select Healthcare have had a great deal of experience working with the National Health and other government agencies to set up payment arrangements. They should be able to answer any question patients and their families have about payment.

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