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Corporate events in London are often dull, generic and ineffective, with staff often groaning at the words team building activity. A new wave of corporate cooking classes is looking to change the face of team building, promoting team work and communication in an exciting and dynamic way.

Why choose corporate cooking classes for team building in London?

When planning corporate events in London it is important to find an activity which staff will really enjoy. Whether you are looking for an event which suits 12 or 120 staff,Guest Posting team building must be enjoyable to be effective, because it is often only relaxed staff who will communicate and participate freely. Corporate cooking classes offer just that.


Corporate cooking classes are fun, exciting and make a dynamic change from the regular corporate events in London. Your business will not only benefit from undergoing an effective team building activity, but your staff will thank you for doing so in such an enjoyable way, and in a task which gives them new knowledge to take home afterwards too.


You understand that team building is important; team dynamics create the foundation for success after all. Cooking classes are a unique and original group activity which encourages communication, interaction and teamwork. Few environments are better than the kitchen for highlighting the importance of working as a group, and it is in each member of the groups interests to work well as a team... they will be eating the meal after all!

You can host your corporate cooking event in London for any size of group you require, which may then be subdivided into smaller cooking groups to encourage teamwork on a closer level. Each job in preparation of a dish may be carried out by one or two members of each group, allowing for leadership development within the group.

Universal appeal

Corporate cooking classes offer something for everyone. Whether your staff consider themselves novices in the kitchen or fancy themselves as culinary experts, a cooking class which is led by an expert chef will appeal to everyone.

With a range of recipes to suit everyone and the ability to create a tailored menu or branded cocktails, as well as your choice of date, time and class length, cooking is one of the most versatile corporate events in London. Simply discuss your needs with the operations team at your cooking school and allow them to create an event which is really tailored to your company and guests.

For the few who really do not enjoy cooking, an advantage is that culinary cooking classes offer two team building exercises in one; the actual cooking and the dining with colleagues afterwards. A cook and dine experience allows your staff to enjoy their meal after their team building exercise is completed, nurturing their relationships further in more relaxed settings.

What should I look for?

Clearly you need to choose a venue which is well-rehearsed in hosting such corporate events in London. Look for an experienced cooking school with an impressive state-of-the-art building which is well-equipped to host your event and based in an attractive location. Choose corporate cooking classes in London which are led by chefs who have held senior positions in successful Michelin Star rated kitchens - they are already used to creating effective working teams.

You may also want to look for a corporate cooking classes provider which offers competition tasks. There is nothing like a friendly competition for bringing groups together and promoting team interaction. Corporate events in London should offer an element of competition, and this is done in corporate cooking classes through intra departmental challenges or a chefs cooking challenge.

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