Explore Different Designs of Egg Free Cakes for Birthday

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Birthdays are celebrated to wish your loved ones for a wonderful year ahead. It is also an interval to get in touch with your family and friends who you are not able to connect with for the entire year.

So,Guest Posting do not skip it, you may make their day by sending a birthday cake to them. An eggless cake is a perfect idea and you may send it online too from any of the popular Egg Free Cake Shop.

Parents always make efforts to make their child's birthday cake as per their demand and wish. Several kids like the Ice Cream Cake and Crepe Cake. They are a fun turn on a traditional cake that various kids love to mix up.

Let’s have a quick view of various cake designs available in the market and their ingredients for self-preparing:

  1. Birthday Cake 1 Kg Vanilla

This cake appears like a beautiful edible heart filled for gifting. You can place the order or can prepare it for your preferred flavour to the person you want. Sometimes the real cake may differ in shape or size as per the requirement. This cake design looks simple but attractive and yummy to eat.

One has to take care of and place the cake in the refrigerator immediately. Keep it in the fridge until it is time to cut and serve. The cake should be kept back in the fridge and should finish it within 24 hours.

  1. Dark Chocolate Cake Half Kg

This cake should be the best option for the person who is a chocolate lover. For the sweet-toothed. This is designed by the chocolate sponge coated with dark chocolate and several dark chocolates churn at the top. This suits your sweet tooth and makes a lovely addition to a tea party.

  1. Delicious Photo Chocolate Cake

You can amaze your loved ones with a personalized cake on their special days. Get their picture printed single or in the group on the 1 kg cake. Share the photo cake with the Egg Free Cake Shop for birthday parties or any other superior occasions.

  1. Kit Kat Cake

Get a pictorial treat that not only wonders the taste bud but also makes the mouth water. You may get this type of cake with your choices of additions in it. You may delight your little ones with all their favourites put together in one cake. The cake initiates with a Chocolate Cake encircled by Kitkat bars, draped with a ribbon and also topped with gems or other eatables.

  1. Red velvet cake

This type of cake can be designed in any shape and presented to the loved ones. The cheesy taste can impress the person you think will like it. When this red velvet cake has mixed with white looks very elegant and velvety.

  1. Two-tier cake

This cake design is awesome and leaves a memory for a special occasion. One can also get it ready at home with preparation. It looks evergreen and used in most of the parties. People love to have these cakes on their birthdays.

These are a few of the favourite simple birthday cakes that any person can make - even if you have not tried it like your birthday cake earlier. With easy methods and step-by-step directions, anyone can make an amazing birthday cake.

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