The Great Benefits of a Combination Oven.

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For a long time now, a microwave oven has been a common fixture in every kitchen. They save time, and energy too. But if they have a disadvantage, it’s that they do not give you brown and crispy skin on meat, baked potatoes and so on.A combination oven, however, combines conventional heat with microwave technology to give you the texture and flavour that most people look for.

A decent combination oven gives you the option of controlling the various elements - conventional oven,Guest Posting grill and microwave - yourself, or (and here is where their secret lies) using the large number of built-in programs, to do all that calculation for you. You just select the right program, tell the oven the weight of your food and start it off.People report being able to prepare a 3-course meal for the whole family in a fraction of the time that a conventional oven would take, by using the blend of cooking techniques.However, you always have the option to use a single function if you like- microwave, grill or normal oven. So what would you look for in a good combination oven?1. Defrost. In general can be controlled manually or by using a built-in program.2. Microwave. Standard control of power level and time. Cooks with regular microwave power.3. Grill. The grill normally has just one setting, but there are different heights of rack that you can use. You can usually set the cooking time.4. Conventional Oven. Just as with any other oven you can set the temperture and time.5. Dual Cooking. Set the microwave power, temperature and cooking time and the blend of heat and microwave power cooks the food through and browns the outside.6. Automatic Cooking. A valuable feature is the ability to cook automatically a variety of set dishes - roasts, cakes, ready meals etc. Just select the type and weight of the food and press the start button.So as you can see, the range of operations is huge - so there's quite a lot to learn. To take advantage of what these powerful appliances can do, it's as well to point out that a bit of time will be needed to understand all the functions. But on a good oven, the controls are not that difficult to understand, so the process shouldn't take too long.So you get a double saving from these great appliances - time and electricity. Many users have said that they no longer need their main oven at all - combination ovens may be the future!

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