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Pest control devices come in many shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to choose the best one for your money. The answer may lie in what sort of pest you have, and how much cleanup you're willing to do. The best pest control devices often require you to have hands-on contact with the critters you kill, and this can make some people uncomfortable.

A few moments of discomfort may be well worth the effort,Guest Posting however, if you can remove the pests from your area for good. These six devices may give you a good start:

Ultrasonic Pest Control (Indoors)

If pests such as raccoons and opossums are living in your attic, an ultrasonic pest control device may be the answer. These devices emit a shrill noise that can't be heard by humans, and that noise is often enough to drive these nocturnal animals away. Some devices are paired with lights that blink on and off at random times, which can provide a further deterrent. You must use these products exactly as recommended by the manufacturer, however. Setting up a device like this to protect your entire yard or your entire home isn't worthwhile. They are best used in small, enclosed spaces.

Glue Traps (Indoors)

These small traps are coated with a vegetable glue that's incredibly sticky. When mice stumble onto the glue traps, they become stuck in the traps and can't escape. They don't crawl back into your walls or basement to die. They die on the traps. This does mean, however, that you must pick up a trap that contains a dead mouse and replace that trap with a new one.

Physical Barriers (Indoors)

It sounds obvious, but the best prevention for indoor pests such as rodents and insects is to make sure your home is completely secure. Patch up holes in your screens, keep the doors closed, patch up holes in your attic and scour the perimeter of your house to spot any other entry points. If you don't let the critters in, you won't have to remove them.

Mosquito Traps (Outdoors)

Mosquito traps such as Springstar attract mosquitoes, where they drown. These traps are only attractive to mosquitoes, so you don't need to worry that you will attract other bugs that are actually beneficial to the environment. These traps must be set up for several days, so the entire population will enter the trap. Don't set up a trap the day of your party or the mosquitoes will feed on your guests instead of the trap.

Motion Sprinklers (Outdoors)

If your garden and flowerbeds are ravaged by deer, squirrels, raccoons and other predators, hooking up a garden hose to a motion-detection sprinkler can be a good solution. The critters will get a blast of water when they enter the field.

Predator Deterrent (Outdoors)

Some marauding animals are frightened of items that are bigger than they are. Sprinkling your yard with urine from foxes, coyotes or wolves can scare away animals such as deer and raccoons. You must reapply the urine after heavy rains, however.

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