Keeping The Right Shampoo Procedure for a Holistic Carpet Cleaning

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The term "carpet shampoo" can actually refer to more than one cleaning method. When most people say "carpet shampooer," they're referring to a steam carpet cleaning machine which uses a combination of hot water and a cleaning solution to extract dirt from a carpet.

While carpets give both beauty and comfort to a room,Guest Posting they also collect more dirt then any other flooring surface. Dust, crumbs, and allergens settle deep into the carpet fibers where it can be impossible for a vacuum to completely remove them. Clean the carpets in your home at least once a year to remove the grime that sticks to the fibers and lift out the dirt that get ground deep into the carpet, shortening its life.For normal dirt and wear, shampoo the carpet yourself. Avoid the common mistakes of too much water and not enough drying time or your carpets will soon be dirtier than when you started.

Choose the right method for shampooing your carpet. Knowing how to shampoo carpet properly will help you to get your carpets and rugs as clean as possible.

Use dry cleaning chemicals to lessen the risk of overwet carpet. Steam cleaners can offer the deepest clean but may leave too much moisture in carpets. Shampooers that brush liquid cleaner into the carpet and extract it back out are the oldest and most popular method of home shampooing.

A commercial carpet shampoo, on the other hand, is a foam that is sprayed onto a carpet and allowed to dry before being vacuumed. These foams are designed to attract dirt, but unfortunately they leave behind residue that will continue to attract dirt and make the carpet look worse over time. They can even give a carpet a yellow cast that cannot be removed. Most of these foam products contain optical brighteners that give the illusion of clean, bright carpet.For these reasons, using an actual carpet shampoo foam product is considered a poor cleaning method while the hot water extraction method is preferred.

Cleaning Proper

When preparing to shampoo a carpet with a steam cleaning machine, it's necessary to thoroughly vacuum the entire room first. For a total room cleaning, move out couches, chairs, end tables, and any other furniture before vacuuming. It may be a good idea to vacuum multiple times in various directions to lift the carpet pile and, thus, pick up as much dirt as possible.

The machine's instructions should be carefully followed since each machine works a little differently. On some carpet shampooers, the cleaning solution is diluted with hot water in a single tank. In other machines, the cleaner is added full strength to one tank while plain hot water is added to another tank. All steam carpet cleaners will have a separate tank to hold the dirty water that is extracted from the carpet.

The actual cleaning process is rather simple. The cleaning solution is released into the carpeting as the machine is pushed along a straight path, and the machine then suctions the solution back into the waste water tank as the suction nozzle is passed over the same path two to three times. Rotating brushes on the steam cleaner help to loosen and remove much of the embedded dirt. The more times the machine passes over an area, the more water it will remove.Opened windows and fans can help speed drying, and the floor should be completely dry before any furniture is moved back in. Placing furniture onto even slightly damp carpet can irreparably damage the fibers.

For serious soiling, consider a professional carpet cleaning. They are more equipped than you are for a safer cleaning experience

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