Seasonal Gardening - The Month of March

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The best and most fruitful gardens are properly planned from month to month. By sticking to a 'To Do' list on a monthly basis no,t only will you see instant improvements to you garden, you will also be making the vital preparations for the coming seasons. 

Here are some useful tips and reminders of what needs to be done in a garden during the month of March:

There is no getting away from it! Get the job done now and give your garden a good weeding all over if necessary. 

Propagate any cuttings from your favourite plants and ensure that your greenhouse is properly ventilated to accommodate for expected temperature rises at this time of year during the day. 

Clean and Repair
March is a perfect time to clean and repair any wooden supports and trellis in your garden. If you feel invigorated by any sunny spells,Guest Posting pick up your paintbrush and that left-over tin of paint and give them a splash of colour at the same time.

Place your freshly sown tomatoes and vegetables on a light windowsill or in your greenhouse with the notion of transplanting them in late April and May . Prepare a seed bed to grow your herb garden in.

Container gardening is becoming more popular than ever before. Almost anything can be grown in pots.Now is the time to re-pot your fuschias and plant herbaceous perennials and shrubs. Fill your strawberry pots with a soil-based compost and plant your strawberries, other soft fruits and herbs. 

Tackle the weeds in your lawn by using a pre-emergent moss and weed killer if you did not get round to doing it in February. Lightly mow your lawn once or twice this month to help stimulate summer growth. Use a hoe or similar garden tool to tidy up edges of overgrown lawn.

Pest prevention
Protect your garden now from the inevitable onslaught of pests such as slugs, snails and other unwelcome visitors that can cause havoc to your vegetation.

Get fertilizing! To ensure the best growth and blooms early in the season now is the time to treat your flower beds with nutrients. If possible, try to fertilize when the soil is slightly moist and avoid when heavy downfalls of rain are predicted.

Additional touches
Birds of all varieties are preparing for the nesting season so don't forget to strategically place some nesting boxes to the north side of any trees you may have in your garden. They will fully appreciate your thoughtfulness!

AND finally: Keep a diary of the jobs you have completed under the heading 'March'. It does not have to be a detailed diary; brief notes will suffice. Do this for every month of the year and you will have a permanent reminder of what to repeat next year, and also a record of any mistakes, such as planting your tomato seeds at the wrong time etc. Soon, you will have your own gardening bible!

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