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Arthritis has the ability to make your life miserable and it considerably affects your daily routine. This article emphasizes on the natural remedies to relieve arthritis pain effectively.

Arthritis has the ability to make your life miserable and it significantly affects your daily routine. This article emphasizes on 15 natural remedies to relieve arthritis pain.

1. Diet of the arthritis patient should be alkaline in nature. Raw vegetable juices like that of carrot,Guest Posting beet, celery, spinach can help a lot. Patients should consume large quantities of sweet water fishes like herring, salmon, tuna etc. These fishes are rich in omega3 fatty acids needed to combat arthritis symptoms.

2. Smoking tobacco, intake of alcohol, caffeine should be avoided for they increase the stress on body tissues, and may result in painful joints.

3. It is possible to alleviate pain through body massage. Heated castor oil, camphorated mustard oil, olive oil, hot vinegar, black pepper oil, a mixture of essential oils like that of lavender, eucalyptus, ginger with carrier oils like almond or apricot oil may be used for massaging. Massaging relieves pain by toning up the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles at the joint.

4. An excellent ointment can be prepared at home by mixing two parts of olive oil and one part of kerosene. Joints rubbed with such ointment become less painful.

5. Capsaicin creams function as good pain relievers.

6. Applying hot and cold compresses alternately on the joint can bring pain relief.

7. Warm water bath is excellent for treating painful conditions. It becomes more beneficial if the magnesium rich Epsom salt is added to bath water.

8. Sea bathing is considered a pain reducing activity in case of arthritis. The iodine rich sea water reduces pain.

9. Consuming garlic cloves fried in butter, and rubbing freshly cut garlic cloves on ailing joints can relieve pain.

10. The mountainous herb arnica is an age old pain reducing herb. Arnica oil or ointments are useful for treating arthritis pain.

11. Crushed leaves of white willow may be used on the aching joints in the form of poultice for some relief.

12. Cinnamon powder may be taken along with honey every morning. This is a useful arthritis pain relief remedy.

13. Turmeric and ginger are common spices available in every home. Both are capable of reducing pain. One can consume freshly grated ginger daily, and take two teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water thrice per day.

14. A cup of papaya seed tea may be taken every day. It is highly effective in relieving pain.

15. A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds may be soaked in water overnight and may be taken every morning along with the water. This is a popular pain relief method.

Along with the above home remedies and natural ways to relieve pain, one can also take the help of herbal supplements. Rumatone Gold Capsule and Oil help relieve arthritis symptoms such as pain, immobility, stiffness and inflammation naturally.

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