A Biphasic Pill For Contraception

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Contraceptive pills have become the most popular form of contraception amongst women. BiNovum is the most commonly used combined biphasic pill. Read further to learn more about the pill.

Contraception has long been a major concern for women who are sexually active,Guest Posting especially when they do not want to be pregnant. Condoms, the most widely used contraceptive method until recently, do not provide the same regular protection as newer methods. Contraceptive accidents often increased the risk of a woman conceiving when not planned. To provide women with a more regular method of birth control, hormonal contraceptives were made available. These contraceptives consist of synthetic versions of hormones that naturally exist in the female body. The contraceptive pill is a hormonal contraceptive that has become the most popular type amongst women looking for long-term protection against pregnancy.

The combined pill, a hormonal contraceptive, is the most popular type of contraceptive pill available. This pill consists of two synthetic hormones of oestrogen and progestogen. A combined pill, with the help of these synthetic hormones, imitates your natural womb environment, changing the hormonal levels and preventing you from conceiving. A combined pill is further categorised into monophasic pills, biphasic pills, triphasic pills and multiphasic pills. This categorisation is carried out on the basis of the difference in dosages that you take throughout your menstrual cycle. For example, a biphasic pill will have two different sets of dosages that you are to take throughout your menstrual cycle.

BiNovum is an apt example of a biphasic contraceptive pill being used by women around the world. This pill is available in two different dosage strengths, in the same pack, differentiated through colour. The days of week are mentioned on the pack along with a directional arrow for you to follow. You are to start with a white coloured BiNovum pill at the correct day of week, and continue until it is finished. You are then to follow the same procedure for the peach coloured pills given in the pack. At the end of your pack, you are to have seven pill free days before starting a new pack.

This 21 day pill consists of ethinylestradiol and norethisterone as its chief ingredients, synthetic oestrogen and progestogen respectively. A combined pill, BiNovum, gives you the benefit of working in three different ways to protect you against unplanned pregnancy. If you are taking this contraceptive pill, there will be no interference in your sexual experience. Other benefits of BiNovum that you can experience are that your periods become regular, lighter and less painful. This combined pill can also treat premenstrual symptoms. BiNovum has also been known to protect you, to a certain extent, against infections of the genital organs.

Women who are 18 years of age or above can take this pill safely. However, you should be careful before starting this pill and consult your doctor if you are suffering from certain health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, jaundice or cancer. You should avoid using this pill if you are already pregnant or are breastfeeding.

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