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If you are planning to use Priligy for treating premature ejaculation then you will find this article helpful. The possible causes of premature ejaculation and benefit of Priligy over other popular PE treatment methods have also been discussed in this article.

Premature ejaculation or PE is a common form of sexual dysfunction for men in Ireland. Medical records suggest that almost 30% of all Irish men suffer from this problem at any stage of their lives. Compared to older men (over 40 years) younger men and men who have recently changed their partners are reported to suffer more from this health condition. The average time of sexual ejaculation for men has been found to be 7.3 minutes. In several cases men have been found to last almost 20 to 25 minutes during sexual intercourse with their partners. However,Guest Posting men with PE reach their climax much sooner and ejaculate within two minutes maximum. Clearly, for either partner the situation is extremely frustrating and often causes tension in the relationship, finally leading to separation. Priligy is considered to be an effective treatment for PE and if taken with proper consultation from an expert physician this medication can help a man to last longer while he is romantically intimate with his partner.

The probable causes:

Premature ejaculation is a common and simple form of sexual dysfunction for men but it takes time to find a proper cure to this problem. Several factors are there that lead to this situation, including the feeling of anxiety and guilt, the habit of masturbating since early age, higher penile sensitivity, suppressed fear and lack of experience. The cases of premature ejaculation are getting higher in Ireland and experts are of the opinion that a change in common life style has a major role to play in this context. Recent studies have also found that PE problems can be genetic. People with this specific version of genes don’t have any control over secretion of serotonin hormone and they ejaculate twice as quickly as those who don’t have this problem.

The treatment options:

The most popular forms of PE treatment methods comprise the Maters-Johnson method, antidepressant medications, use of inhalators, local anaesthetic gel and ‘long love’ condoms that contain local anaesthetics like benzocaine or lidocaine. The Maters-Johnson method is useful for both homosexual and heterosexual couples but requires proper cooperation. In reality, it is not always possible for a PE patient to ask his partner to act according to the procedure, especially when the partner is new. Other methods like use of nasal inhalators and antidepressants may appear effective at the initial stage but they can damage nervous system of a person, if used for a long time.

Recently the first medication to treat PE, Priligy, has been made available in the Irish market for use by most people. According to a BBC Health report, this medication is capable of increasing the time thrice for those who are suffering from premature ejaculation. Medicinal properties of this medication help a person to last longer by changing serotonin level in the brain. A person cannot purchase it as an over the counter medication as Priligy can only be purchased over internet after proper consultation with the medical team of authentic medication supplying agencies in the Ireland.

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