An Overview On Katya Contraceptive Pill

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Katya 30/75 is a combined pill and is monophasic in nature. This pill has proven to be an effective contraceptive for women. Read further to learn about the benefits and side effects of this combined contraceptive pill.

Oral contraceptive pills,Guest Posting also known as birth control pills, are a popular form of contraception amongst women who are looking for an effective contraceptive. The combined pill, the most popular type of birth control pill, is a pill which consists of two synthetic female hormones of oestrogen and progestogen. This pill is further divided into four categories: monophasic pills, biphasic pills, triphasic pills and multiphasic pills. These categories are based on the amount of dosage you take during your menstrual cycle. For a monophasic pill, you take the same dosage throughout your menstrual cycle. A biphasic pill has two different dosages for the entire cycle.

A triphasic pill has three different dosages while a multiphasic pill has multiple dosages for you to take throughout the cycle. These differences in dosages of a contraceptive pill are given as they can help imitate your natural menstrual cycle to a greater extent. It can hence be more effective at preventing you from becoming pregnant. However, even though monophasic pills do not provide any difference in dosage, they are found to be equally effective. Katya is one of the most popular monophasic combined pills used for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. This pill consists of ethinylestradiol and gestodene, synthetic versions of oestrogen and progestogen, as its chief ingredients.

Information on the Katya combined pill

Katya 30/75 consists of a third generation of synthetic progestogen, which is beneficial in reducing the risk of side effects of the pill. If you use this birth control pill, you can experience periods that are less painful and lighter in nature. Women who are suffering from PMS can also experience significant improvement in its symptoms. If you are having irregular periods, taking this contraceptive pill can regularise your periods. You can also see an improvement in acne and hirsutism, the latter of which is a growth of excess body hair, especially on the face.

If you are suffering from endometriosis, a condition where the womb lining grows outside the womb and causes intense pain in the lower abdomen, back and pelvis, this condition can also be treated with the help of Katya. Using this pill can also help in reducing risk of developing cancers of the ovaries and endometrium. This pill can be taken by women who are 18 years of age or above. However, it should be avoided if you are already pregnant or breastfeeding, as it may cause harm to your baby. If also you have a heart valve disease or angina, this pill may not be recommended to you.

If you have a history of certain cancers or are suffering from high blood pressure, also then you may be asked not to use the Katya pill. Women who are obese, smoke or have a history of blood clots may not be advised to take this pill. Although this pill has proven to be almost 100% effective, it can cause certain side effects. Some of the common side effects of this contraceptive pill include reduced sex drive, nausea, water retention, headaches, weight gain and breast tenderness. Vomiting and increase in your blood pressure are some of the uncommon side effects that you may develop.

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