Are Invisalign Braces the Best Teeth Straighteners?

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Many consumers have questions about Invisalign braces. Here are some answers to common questions.

There are many individuals who are wondering if Invisalign is a better method of straightening teeth than classic metal braces. Although the name of this cutting edge dental product is becoming quite well known,Guest Posting many people still don’t know exactly what it is or how it works. They do know that living with crooked teeth is negatively affecting their self-confidence. Here are some commonly asked questions about this new method of smile alignment:

- What exactly is Invisalign? This is the name of a straightening method which consists of nearly invisible clear plastic removable trays that slip over one’s teeth. The name comes from the combination of the two words “invisible” and “align.” During the treatment process, the trays are exchanged for graduated sizes in order to further the straightening process.

- Does it hurt? This process is comfortable enough for patients to wear the devices from 20-22 hours each day. There will be a slightly uncomfortable sensation from time to time since the position of the teeth is shifting from crookedness into straightness.

- How does a patient clean these devices? Some individuals opt to simply brush them and rinse them with warm water, in much the same way the enamel and gums of the oral structures are cleaned. There are also specially designed cleaning crystals to use in order to curtail the development of plaque.

- Can a person eat with these aligners in his or her mouth? That’s the beauty of removable trays -- they are removed in order to eat. Eating can be problematic with classic braces as the wires can be bent or broken, food gets caught and decay can occur due to hidden food particles. Certain items with traditional metal bands are no-no’s such as taffy, bubble gum, crispy apples and beef jerky. With removable trays, this is not a problem.

- What about playing sports? A wearer should have no problem playing sports. If he or she needs to wear a mouth protector for his or her chosen sport, the trays can be removed during the game. If no mouth gear is required, the clear plastic is preferable to metal wires and brackets since the plastic is smooth and won’t hurt the inner mouth if contact is made.

- How long does the straightening process take? This will depend on the individuals’ misalignment, age and how committed they are to keeping the devices in their mouth consistently. If the patient only wears the trays sporadically, it’s going to take much longer to get a beautiful smile. These aligners typically take less time to achieve final results than classic orthodontia.

Invisalign products are especially popular with teens or adults who are appearance conscious. Since the devices are hardly noticeable, it won’t interfere with trying to appear professional on the job or attractive to the opposite sex when dating. For big events such as one’s wedding, the trays can simply be removed in order to smile big for the photographer and kiss one’s new spouse. If a person realizes that he or she doesn’t want to live with a crooked smile, consulting a dentist about these new and highly effective products would be a wise idea.

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