Birth Control Methods for Men

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Contraception or Birth Control is a method of having sex without the fear or hassle of an unwanted pregnancy.

Usually,Guest Posting people conceive that birth control methods only be used by the women. However, there are some methods that can be used by the men to prevent pregnancy. Male contraception is used to prevent sperms swimming into the uterus for pregnancy. Most of the methods do focus on female biology but men need to be informed as much as women. They need to take their women into confidence before choosing any of the contraception methods.There are some mostly used birth controls methods for men available.

  • Blocking man’s sperm from entering into the vagina such as using condoms
  • Stop sperm from coming out of the penis

Birth control of male and female are different as their reproductive systems are different. In the comparison of men, women have multiple choices of birth control options. 
However, men have fewer options of birth control:
  • Abstinence
  • Outercourse
  • Condoms 
  • Vasectomy
  • Withdrawal

Among all these birth control methods, using condoms and abstinence are mostly used by the men to prevent the pregnancy. Whereas, vasectomy is the surgical process of making men to unable to make a women pregnant. Hence, most of the men use abstinence and condoms to prevent pregnancy whenever they want.
Abstinence – It is the safest and easiest behavior of preventing pregnancy or birth controls methods for men. Abstinence behavior could in various forms such as few people avoid having intercourse to prevent pregnancy rather involve in foreplay sexual behavior.
Some people avoid having intercourse at the time when women get pregnant (menstrual period timing).* Abstinence behavior prevents STD disease and keeps both partners safe.* However, it is very safe and effective way of stopping sperm entering in the uterus.
Condoms – Condoms are the most popular contraceptive device which is used by the men as the birth control device. It is quite effective and easy to use during your intercourse. 
Moreover, it allows you to have intercourse with your partner in safe manner with the protection of condoms.
  • Condoms are safe contraceptive device to stop sperm from swimming into the vagina
  • Additionally, it provides protection from several sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other infections.
  • Men don’t need to refrain from indulging in intercourse. 
  • It never stops you from enjoying your sexual life without risk of pregnancy. 

These are the birth controls methods for men to prevent women getting pregnant from stopping the sperm entering into vagina. These birth control methods can be easily used by men whenever they don’t want to make their partner pregnant and enjoy their sexual life.

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