Botox: Frequently Asked Questions

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With the help of Botox, you have an opportunity to look your best. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the results are instant and you can continue or discontinue treatments at your discretion. Here are a few commonly asked questions about the product and the effects.

With just one appointment,Guest Posting Botox can make a significant change to your appearance. Both men and women are seeing the results and opting for this treatment over others of its kind. There is no downtime, no need to take time away from work to recover. Before you go in for that first appointment, here are a few questions you might have.

What is Botox?

Many people don't realize that this is a prescribed medication. Injected into areas with wrinkles, including frown lines and crow's feet, it blocks the nerve impulses to the muscles. Aside from taking away the wrinkles, it keeps those muscles from making the same continual motion that created the lines in the first place. It is important that Botox be administered by a healthcare professional.

How long will the results last?

Every person's body is different and will react differently to the medication. The results can last up to four months. Speaking with your healthcare provider will help you make a more accurate assessment. You can also set up your next appointment before leaving to ensure that you consistently look your best.

How painful is the procedure?

Because the Botox treatments involve an injection, you will feel the procedure take place. However, if you are concerned about the pain, talk to you healthcare provider about numbing the area. Most of the time you can use anesthetic cream directly on the site of the injection. You can also use an ice pack to provide the same results.

How long will my appointments last?

Most of the time it only takes about ten minutes to complete the procedure. This is just one of the reasons why people choose Botox. They do not need to take time away from work. They can drop by the office, even on a lunch break, get their injections and get on with their normal routine. Set aside some extra time for your first appointment. Your healthcare provider will need to talk to you about your medical history and learn more about the results you are hoping to achieve.

Is there any risk involved?

Just like any other prescription medication, it is important to read all of the information provided to you by your health care provider before continuing with your treatment. There can be side effects and you want to keep an eye on your overall health as well as the injection areas. There are some people that should not participate in this treatment. If you have specific questions about whether you are a candidate for this treatment or you want to learn more about the side effects and risks, talk with your doctor for more information.

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