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Contraceptive pill consist of synthetic versions of two naturally existing female hormones – oestrogen and progestogen. Brevinor is one of the most popular combined pills used by women for the purpose of contraception. Read below to learn how this pill, apart from being an effective contraception can also provide you with other benefits.

Women,Guest Posting who are sexually active, usually prefer hormonal contraceptives to help them prevent pregnancy. Many couples tend to use condoms as the only means of preventing unplanned pregnancy. However, this method can be subject to human error and difficult to use perfectly. So, for some couples, using hormonal contraceptives is an easier, more reliable way to protect against pregnancy. Of the three hormonal contraceptives – contraceptive pills, patches and rings, the oral pill have become the most popular method. An oral contraceptive pill should be swallowed on a daily basis for, either the entire duration of the menstrual cycle of for part of it.

A contraceptive pill that you are prescribed can either be a combined pill or a mini-pill. Both these types of pills consist of synthetic female hormones, with the help of which they prevent you from conceiving. The two synthetic hormones present in a combined pill are oestrogen and progestogen, while the single hormone present in a mini-pill is progestogen. Both oestrogen and progestogen are naturally existing female hormones, the levels of which, when altered, can make the womb environment suitable for pregnancy. The synthetic hormones present in a contraceptive pill change this natural womb environment and in this way prevent pregnancy.

Brevinor contraceptive pills are some of the most commonly used combined pills used by women. This pill consists of ethinylestradiol and norethisterone as its active ingredients. This pill, with the help of these two synthetic hormones, is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. This pill is monophasic, meaning that you take the same dosage of both hormones throughout your cycle. Women usually prefer taking this pill as it consists of lower doses of synthetic oestrogen and progestogen, which significantly reduces the risks of developing possible side effects of the pill.

Another advantage of this pill is that it poses, a comparatively low risk for you to develop depression. Brevinor also helps in improving the general skin appearance, and especially if you have developed acne. This combined pill has also been found to bring relief from the PMS symptoms, which also includes mood swings. Women taking Brevinor have also reported experiencing less painful periods. Hence, apart from being an effective contraceptive, this pill can also offer a number of other benefits. You should, however, bear in mind that not all women can take this pill, as it may be harmful to them under certain circumstances.

This pill can only be taken by women who are 18 or older and not by any younger than that. Women, who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid taking this pill as it can be harmful. Women suffering from certain health conditions such as a history of heart disease or diabetes should avoid using Brevinor. 

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