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Constipation or gastro intestinal trouble is related with the secretion of stool. Know the natural remedies for hard stool.

Constipation is a problem related with the secretion of stools. It is a gastro intestinal trouble. It decreases the frequency of bowel movements. When someone is facing this problem,Guest Posting his stools are hard and dry or infrequent. These symptoms suggest that there is a problem with metabolism. Constipation stops the body from flushing out the toxins. If constipation remains for long time, toxins might flow in the other parts of the body and it can raise serious health problems.

Like any other disorder constipation also shows some symptoms. These symptoms can easily lead us to the related problem. It is a symptom of constipation when there is a feeling of incomplete evacuation right after visiting toilet. If someone has to use certain techniques such as finger evacuation or manipulation of lower abdomen must seek medical supervision. Other symptoms are, excessive strain while passing stool, hard stool or feeling of rectal blockage. People with following symptoms must consult a doctor; thin stools, pain in abdomen, blood in stool, weight loss, diarrhea, when this symptoms persist you must seek medical supervision as soon as possible.

Hard stools or dry stools are results of improper muscular contraction of colon. There are some factors which can help to understand the cause of this disorder. Dehydration or poor fluid intake or low fiber diet will lead to constipation. These are most common causes of constipation. Spinal injury, electrolyte imbalance, intestinal obstruction, imbalance of hormones, intake of certain medications might cause constipation. There are some remedies that can help in constipation.

1. Water and other liquids such as fruit juices will help in the process of healing. Liquid keeps the stool soft and thus, stool will pass easily. However, selection of liquid must not include alcohol, drinks rich with caffeine like tea or coffee and carbonated beverages. 

2. Chlorella Green Algae is a nutritional powerhouse. It is easy to digest and easily assimilates through digestive tract. It nourishes the intestine and soothes and heals the mucous lining. It helps the body to detoxify and purifies digestive system. 

3. Barley is a natural laxative. It is very effective on constipation. First of all, take some seeds of barley in one and half glass of water; boil this water for five to eight minutes. Drain the remaining water with a clean cloth. When this water cools down, drink it. It will stimulate bowel movements and stool secretion will be soft and easy.

4. Aloe Vera juice is another effective remedy to heal the constipation. According to medical researches, aloe juice contains anthroqinone and glycosides; these are active components in most of the laxative. Aloe juice is to be taken twice in a day. Drink half cup of aloe vera juice early in the morning and another half cup at night, before going to bed.

We must keep in mind that only remedies or medication cannot cure any disorder or disease. One has to be aware about the problem he is suffering from. Improvement in lifestyle is the key ingredient for healthy life. Drink adequate amount of water, prefer to eat food that is rich in fiber, work out regularly and reduce stress. All this will be helpful to heal constipation. It is very important to keep digestive system healthy. Digestive system is the powerhouse of whole body. Stool is the byproduct and it need to be dumped out completely, otherwise it will cause problem. Above mentioned remedies are very effective for cleansing of bowels. When these remedies are paired with improvement in lifestyle, these remedies will turn out to be a boon for digestive system and it will heal the constipation completely.

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