Dianette – A contraception for pregnancy

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Women who are looking for contraception for preventing pregnancy, often have a lot of choices with them. One of those pills is Dianette. Read further and learn more about it.

Most sexually active women who indulge in sexual activity on a regular basis,Guest Posting tend to take precautions for preventing a pregnancy. Most couples prefer using condoms as a protection against unwanted pregnancy, which may not work out every time. Contraceptive accidents such as a condom tear or slip, can cause pregnancy in a woman. So it is better to use a more protective contraception, that can provide protection against pregnancy even after such accidents.

Oral contraceptives, for this reason, have become quite popular among most women as a method for prevention of unwanted pregnancy. These pills are such that you can take them on a regular basis as per the directions given on the pack of the pill. Of these oral contraceptive pills, some are the 'mini pills', which means that these pills contain only one artificial female hormone of progestogen. The other are combination pills or 'the pill', which contain both the artificial female hormones of oestrogen and progestogen.

What is Dianette and what are its benefits?

Dianette is a combination contraceptive pill or 'the pill', which has been proven to be almost 100% effective in prevention of pregnancy. It can also provide immediate protection against pregnancy if you take the pill on the very first day of your period. But if you are unable to take the pill on your first day of your periods, it is advisable that you use other contraceptive methods for at least the next 7 days. Along with protection against pregnancy, it can also help in reducing excessive hair growth, reducing greasy skin and acne outbreaks.

How does Dianette work?

Dianette, a combination contraceptive pill, gives a 3 way protection against pregnancy with the help of two artificial female hormones. The active ingredients of Dianette are ethinylestradiol (oestrogen) and cyproterone acetate (progestogen). These artificial hormones help the pill give you a three way protection against pregnancy. It tricks your body into believing that ovulation has already occurred, so that it does not allow the production of an egg. It then alters the lining of your womb, so that even if an egg is accidentally produced, it is unable to attach itself to your womb and grow further. It also thickens your cervical mucus, so that a sperm can not fertilize an egg that is accidentally produced.

Who can use Dianette?

Women who are sexually active, and are looking for protection against pregnancy, and are 18 years old or above, can buy Dianette. But women having heart problems, liver problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and those suffering from stroke, should avoid using this pill. It should also be avoided by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it can affect the unborn or newborn and also lead to certain side effects.

What are the side effects of Dianette?

Dianette is a well tolerated contraceptive pill and hardly any of its users experience side effects. The side effects of this pill are moderately severe in nature. The most commonly reported side effects of this pill include headaches, weight gain, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, changes in menstrual bleeding, menstrual spotting, upset stomach and decreased sex drive.

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