Dieting on Fruits and Vegetables

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Eating more fruits and vegetables seem to be the popular belief for most people who wanted to lose weight. This is especially so when men and women past the age of 40’s after settling with a family and a stable job exercise less but eat more

In the West,Guest Posting people tend to eat more protein-based , small vegetable and starch diet.

We can understand why many Americans are obese. As they do not balance it up with nutritional diet. Due to over-farming at the expense of profits, farmers now use more pesticides and artificial fertilisers that kill many natural nutrients that are inherent in vegetables. And these days you have non-organic and genetically modified foods.So eating more vegetables can be very complex in relation to Weight Dieting.

Many farmers across the world are now more concerned in the Yield than Quality.

Take the case of the many food scandals that happened in China and elsewhere.

Nevertheless, high quality organic vegetables are certainly helpful in our dietary system particularly in weight loss management.

This leads us to ask a very pertinent question. Is raw vegetable better than cooked vegetable?  Cooked can be fried or steamed. They may lose some nutrients in the process but the fact is eating in moderation. Otherwise, it takes away the kicks of enjoying food. What we want is efficient digestion eating healthily. What is good goes to our digestive system and what is bad out of our system.

There is a misconception of eating a lot of salad to lose weight. But somehow they forget the bacons, eggs, cheese, dressing etc..  that are added to make it more palatable.

Fruit is different from vegetables. The energy level of fruit is damp. For example if you squeeze a grape the fluid is sticky and damp. However, if you do the same to broccoli it is watery. For most Asians they understand some fruits are “ Heaty” and some are “ Cooling”.  If you are having a fever one should avoid taking durian or mango. And if you are having a cold avoid taking watermelon or banana.

Juice concentrate taken in excess is no good for our diet. A concentrate of Apple juice may equal to taking 10 apples depending on the formulation. Fruit is vital for our diet and weight loss management so we have to be more discerning. Fruits also contain many vitamins similar to vegetables that are important for our total well-being.

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