Going to a Plastic Surgeon for Revenge

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Making an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get revenge might be healthier than you might imagine.  Here are some things to think about.

Is going to a plastic surgeon to seek revenge a wise move?  Most of us have been taught all of our lives to “forgive and forget,Guest Posting” “live and let live,” “make nice” and what have you, but there are times when it may be smart to do otherwise.  If a situation or individual has made life miserable for us or someone we love, it might be time to take action.  Here are some examples of times that seeking nips and tucks to get even are smart moves:
- Your ex left you for a younger woman or man:  You gave the best years of your life to your spouse and after a few decades, he or she dumps you for his secretary or her tennis pro.  You spot the two of them around town, happy as clams.  Your ex looks ten years younger, so happy in the company of the younger lover.  You look at your own wrinkled self and fall into a deep depression.  Don’t get sad, get even!  Make an appointment for that facelift and full body makeover you’ve always wanted.
- The promotion at work that you were dying for was given to a gorgeous new employee with way larger breasts and way less experience than you:  Don’t get mad, get breast implants!  You can get some gorgeous new cleavage and curves, then leave the company.  Take your experience, your business savvy and your large breasts to the competing firm in town and feel a profound sense of satisfaction.
- Your high school reunion is coming up:  Back in high school, you were a flat chested nerd with a big nose – but you were smart.  The kids in school made fun of you, calling you “Skinny Minnie,” “Pancake girl” and “The Schnoz.”  They kicked sand in your face on the beach and you went to your prom alone.  Since then, you graduated top of your class at Harvard, had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation and you now drive a red Corvette.  Time for a little payback action.  Drive your sassy self up to the reunion and dance the night away with your stud-muffin date.  All the popular kids of the past will have developed beer bellies, work at Wal-Mart and have a zillion kids.  Revenge can sure taste sweet.
- They called you pizza face:  As a teen, you had a terrible case of acne and earned the name of “pizza face” with your cousins and extended relatives.  Your immediate family protected you but those others were brutal.  Now one of your cousins is getting married and it’s time for you to show off your smooth facial complexion that has been resurfaced with laser treatments and chemical peels.  You look marvelous, dahling.  Show up at the family event and let them see just how gorgeous you are.
Harboring grudges isn’t healthy but making changes initiated by a little revenge action can be good therapy.  Taking surgical steps with your plastic surgeon is an assertive form of self care.

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