Healthy and Great-Tasting Acai Berry Recipes

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While there are great health benefits to acai berry, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Just like any other fruit, you can turn acai into almost any kind of treat you can imagine. All you need are a few tasty and simple acai berry recipes.

While you might be able to find recipes for just about any fruit available,Guest Posting acai berry recipes can be hard to come by. That's because it is virtually impossible to get fresh acai berries. But it is easy to get your hands on some frozen acai pulp, which is just as nutritious and still tastes great. If you are just looking to spice up your supplements with a little flavor, or if you are looking to add a healthy twist to a cold summer treat, acai berries are the perfect way to do it.Acai Berry SmoothiesEveryone loves smoothies. And the best thing about smoothies is that they can be just as unique as you are. Since there is no right or wrong way to mix flavors, you can try something different every time. The next time you're enjoying the summer sun, you can take a few minutes to blend a smoothie with a healthy acai berry punch that the whole family will enjoy.1 cup acai berry pulp 1 cup of your favorite yogurt or just vanilla 1 cup pomegranate juice 1 bananaToss all of the ingredients into your blender and mix them until they are a nice thick smoothie consistency. And you have plenty of freedom with this acai berry recipe. You can use any mixture of flavors that you like. For something tangier, you could use orange juice instead of pomegranate juice. Or if you like a little bite, you can use pineapple juice.Acai Berry Whipped CreamSo you're wondering what to top off your ice cream with. How about a whipped cream with a healthy kick? It's not as hard as you might think to make a light and fluffy whipped cream and you can even make it taste like acai berries.1 cup heavy cream 2 teaspoons acai berry juice 1 teaspoon sugarFor this recipe, you can make however much you want so long as you increase the amount of each ingredient similarly. Pour the whipping cream cold into a bowl and mix in the other ingredients. Start off whipping with a whisk or electric mixer very slowly. As the cream stiffens up, whisk faster or turn up the speed on your mixer. Once the cream holds stiff peaks, just like store-bought cream, you're done! Now you can top off any desert with a tasty and healthy topping.The most important thing to remember when coming up with healthy and delicious recipes is to work yourself into the recipe. Make the food that you want to eat. Be as clever and creative with the ingredients as you would like. The more fun you have with your acai berry recipe, the better your dish is going to taste.Visit us to get more great-tasting and healthy acai recipes! You'll also learn all there is to know about this wonderful berry such as its potential health benefits, acai side effects, and more.

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