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Urinary tract infection or UTI occurs due the bacterial infection in the urinary tract. The bacterium that causes uti infection is clinically recognized as Escherichia coli.

Urinary tract infection is commonly known as UTI. Moreover,Guest Posting as the name suggests, this medical condition occurs due the bacterial infection in the urinary tract. Furthermore, the bacterium that causes this infection is clinically recognized as Escherichia coli. In addition, human urine contains salts and waste products in liquid form but, commonly bacteria are cannot survive in it because urine is sterile itself. And, when a bacterium gets into the bladder and kidneys, it multiplies itself in the urine due to which UTI occurs. The home remedies for urinary tract infection are found to be effective in the elimination of bacteria.

Normally, Escherichia coli live in the digestive tract and around anal region, but there are few causes due to which this bacterium might infect the urinary tract.  Firstly, constipation may force the bacteria to enter the opening of urethra causing UTI. Secondly, holding back the urge of urination is a common cause for occurrence of this infection. Moreover, the bladder might stretch due to prolonged urge to urinate, due to this bladder is unable to empty itself increasing the risk of bacterial growth in urethra. Thirdly, sexual intercourse with different partners may lead to the urine infection. Although, there are many home remedies for urinary tract infection but, these remedies can help only when a person is aware about the level of infection. 

Our body shows some symptoms to tell us about the bacterial growth in the urine. Firstly, a person might feel frequent urges to urinate, but despite of constant urges, the amount of urine passed would be minimal. Secondly, the urine might be cloudy, and a person might feel burning sensation while urinating. Thirdly, fever and vomiting is another common symptom of the urine infection. There are home remedies for urinary tract infection which might restore the healthy state of the urinary system. Some effective remedies are mentioned ahead which might treat the infection by eliminating the bacteria effectually.

1. Mix half teaspoon of baking soda in 9 ounces of clean water. Drink this mixture as soon as first signs of UTI are seen. It will increase the acid base balance in the body which might help in the elimination of mild infection.

2. Mix fresh cranberry juice with equal amount of apple juice, and have this mixture at least once daily. This is one of the best home remedies for urinary tract infection. 

3. Include blackberries in your morning breakfast. The antiseptic properties of blackberry are effective in getting rid of infections.

4. Have a cupful of pineapple everyday. Pineapple contains an enzyme which known as bromelain which helps the body to eliminate the infection. This is one of the simplest home remedies for urinary tract infection.

5. Thrice daily, have grounded garlic with few drops of oregano oil. 

In conclusion, the mentioned home remedies for urinary tract infection are effective but, few tips are also mentioned ahead to get rid of the infection quickly. Firstly, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.  Secondly, stay away from oily, spicy and junk foods. Thirdly, do not suppress the urge to urinate. Finally, maintain personal hygiene, and wear cotton cloths. These tips will help the home remedies for urinary tract infection to normalize the functioning of urinary system.

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