How Good Is Vapir Vaporizer?

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This article is for you if you are looking for Vapir vaporizer reviews. The various features of this vaporizer are discussed here. Vapir vaporizer is a sturdy vaporizer device. Its construction material is plastic which is highly resistant to high temperatures.

It has a tiny drawer like structure which can be easily ejected out and it contains a reusable and removable basket of steel mesh having a size similar to that of a US ten cent coin and having a depth of about half an inch. This tiny basket is to place the herb blend that you wish to vaporize. The manufacturers of this device,Guest Posting Air-2, calls this basket- herb basket.

The device does not use a dial system. Instead, it has a digital temperature control so that the user does not have to always keep an eye on the device. It can show temperatures in both degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. You only need to press the push button to switch between the two temperature modes. The vaporizer has a fan that runs in variable speeds. There are three speeds in which it works. They are slow, medium and high and this speed can be controlled by the user with the help of a three way toggle switch button. The heating speed of the vapir vaporizer is its main attraction. It can attain the temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit in about fifteen to thirty seconds on running the fan at medium speed, which is really very fast.

If you are shipping the device make sure to order the balloon kit along with it as this balloon inflation kit does not ship with the vaporizer. This is highly recommended as it works really well. In fact you can get even better results using the balloon kit with the vapir vaporizer in place of using the water or normal pipes. The balloon kit is also far more efficient as you can get six to eight full vapor balloons from single herb basket. At high fan speed, it takes only 30 seconds to fill the balloon. These balloons are made of plastic material that is highly durable and thus can be reused.

Apart from al the good points of the vaporizer, there are few bad points too. The machine is noisy and also the plastic mouthpiece that connects the unit to the tube is very delicate and can break after 10 uses of the device. But ignoring these cons the pros make it worth a buy.

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