How to Deal with Embarrassing, Humiliating Adult Acne Without Going to a Dermatologist

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Adult acne is one of the most embarrassing diseases an adult can have.  What's worse, there's few ways of really controlling and eliminating the acne on adults besides undergoing expensive treatments, hormonal medicines, or prescription acne medication.

However,Guest Posting there are natural acne treatments to treat adult acne that most dermatologists won't tell you about.  Why?  Because it's bad for business.  If dermatologists and doctors told you that you could control your acne from home without having to come in for treatments once or twice a month or buy a prescription through them every couple of months, what do you think that does to their paycheck?  I suffered from acne as a teen.  I was hoping it was just a hormonal phase I was going through, and that once I got out of puberty my skin would settle down.  Well guess what?  It didn't.  Towards the end of my teen years, it just got worse.  I tried several acne treatments at the dermatologist, some of which helped, but it didn't take it away completely.  Now I suffer from adult acne.Fortunately, I've found a number of ways to keep my acne under control.  Last year, I had a breakout that gave me quite a few small scars on my face. By taking the following supplements and acne helps, I have since been able to keep my acne down to one or two zits per month.  Sounds like progress, doesn't it?1. Zinc:  I started taking zinc internally when I heard about how well it cleared up acne and fought the bacteria in skin.  Just 50 mg per day helped me get on the road to clear skin.  Don't take more than this, as an overdose of zinc can be poisonous.2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is great for acne, both when taken internally, and when applied directly onto affected areas.  Take 1000 mg internally every day, and apply grated orange peel mixed with water onto topical areas on your skin.3. Acne Cleanse Diet: This is perhaps the most crucial step in taking care of adult acne.  When cleansers no longer are effective on your skin, and there's acne in too many places to cure all at once, you're going to have to start working from the inside out.  An acne cleanse works using foods and other OTC products you can find much more cheaply than by taking medication.

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The best way to control your adult acne is with the acne cleanse found right here at  This method has been proven time and again to help adults with their acne. 

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