Natural Cures for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Causes and Symptoms

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Usually each and every woman gets affected by urinary tract infection in one or more time in their life. The main symptoms of UTI are the strong urge to urinate and which should not be delayed.

For removal of the liquid waste,Guest Posting urinary tract is used. It is the filter system of the body for the removal of the urine. Usually due to shorter urinary tract especially the women are more susceptible to bacteria. These bacteria as soon as it enters the urinary tract multiply and results into an infection which is known as urinary tract infection or simply UTI.

Usually each and every woman gets affected by this infection in one or more time in their life. Some may get infected only once but some may get affected by this infection frequently during their lifetime. Mostly UTIs are not at all serious but they may be painful. For some women UTI is very frustrating as many women are very prone to UTI and it occurs frequently.

Most common cause of the UTI is sexual intercourse. Especially women suffer from frequent UTI if they have sex with more than one. The other cause of the UTI is to wait for too long to urinate. The other causes of the UTI are menopause, diabetes or pregnancy.

The main symptoms of the UTI are the strong urge to urinate and which should not be delayed. It is also followed by a sharp pain and burning sensation in the urethra when the urine is released. As a result very little urine is released and it may be tinged with blood.

Though UTI is not a serious problem and it may be cured by taking antibiotics but few natural remedies are also there which are very effective.

1. For more than a century cranberry juice has been used as a home remedy to treat urinary tract infection. Both juice and tablets of the cranberry are fruitful in treating the urinary tract infection. Usually bacteria adhere to the walls of the urinary tract and cranberry prevents the bacteria from adhering. But it should be remembered that you must take the unsweetened cranberry juice. Often unsweetened juice is found in health food stores.

2. Uva  Ursi is a herb which is very popular and it is used by majority of people. It is a folk remedy but it is not applicable to all the UTI. For certain types of UTI this remedy is very effective. But people having kidney problem, during pregnancy, children, liver disease and nursing women should not go for this remedy.

3. Other natural remedies are herbs like corn silk, golden seal, buchu, horsetail etc. And the homeopathic remedy is cantharis and staphysagria.

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