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Nina Ricci was a perfume maker in the early 1900’s. She was born in Turin in 1883 and devoted herself to design at a young age. She was a renowned fashion designer and was highly successful before the outset of World War II.

Her style was feminine in a time when femininity was on the decline. She began making a line of Nina perfumes and introduced timeless fragrances such as “Premeire Jour” L’air Du Temps and the highly popular “Les Belles” line of fragrances. The company has recently produced new perfume fragrances that are just as exciting,Guest Posting feminine and classic as the earlier fragrances.

Nina Ricci Love is Paris is one of the latest perfumes to be introduced by Nina Ricci. It is a subtle and dreamy fragrance that exudes passion, femininity and charm. It conveys the feelings of lazily drifting through the streets of Paris experiencing all of the wonders and delights of the ancient city of lights. Nina Ricci Love in Paris is a delicious blend of floral bouquets with a subtle musk. It is an enticing and intoxicating aroma.

Another wonderful perfume by Nina Ricci is Premier Jour perfume by Nina Ricci. Premier Jour was introduced in 2001. The fragrance is designed for the modern woman who knows who she is and what she wants. It has a slight hint of femininity and a deep sensual appeal. Premier Jour blends yellow mandarin and gardenia with a floral bouquet that is intoxicating and delightful. The flavor of Premiere Jour is sensual and alluring. It has a great smell and is long lasting, leaving a aura of delicious fragrance behind you all throughout the day. Nina Ricci Premier Jour is perfect for everyday wear, but is romantic and sexy enough to wear for a special night out as well.

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