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There has been a good bit of talk lately about the properties of Q10 for fighting wrinkles.  It is important to remember nutrient dense foods can be the best - most affordable anti-aging  solution there is.

Fight Wrinkles With The Super Food SpinachIt seems as though lately I have been hearing often that I do not look my age of 55 years old.  Part of it I think is my attitude and another piece of the picture is the way I eat.  Most people spend all their diet and eating efforts focused on eating less or avoiding foods.  The proper way to eat is to put your efforts and focus on eating healthy foods.  Focus on the good foods as opposed to the bad foods.  Eating right should be more about what you want to add to your diet as opposed to what you want to avoid.  When you incorporate the top 12 super foods into your everyday diet it will pay off in your ability maintain health.  One of the best anti-aging solutions is your diet.  The super food spinach has proven to have a nutrient called Q10,Guest Posting (the short name) which prevents wrinkles from forming.  Q10 is showing up in moisturizers, night creams and anti-aging serums.  Anti-Aging With Super Foods Every Day

Q10 like many nutrients properties are diminished with cooking.  Light cooking such as just wilting the spinach in your omelet insures that you get the most out of your super foods.  When I cook my eggs in the morning first, I turn them over and add the spinach then pop the lid on until the spinach wilts. Q10 is a fat soluble vitamin found in every cell of our bodies that insure energy production.  We actually are capable of making our own Q10 yet when we need it the most after 35, our body produces less.  When you incorporate spinach into your everyday diet, you are giving your body the Q10 needed to fight off wrinkles.

Food To Stay Young

Maybe I look younger than my age because I eat fresh spinach every morning with my egg whites.  Spinach, Q10 and all the super foods should be a part of everyone’s anti-aging program.  Spinach and Q10 will reduce the depth of wrinkles and guard against premature aging.  Supplements like Q10 should not replace a nutrient rich diet

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