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Sometimes we all need a break from the daily routines and for those in particular who have disabilities or suffer from maladies such as cerebral palsy, head injuries, epilepsy, or visual impairments the days can seem especially long and trying on both the afflicted and their family or care providers.

Experience in quality care keeps our residents happy
Select Healthcare Group has been in the care sector for over twenty five years now and strives to provide care with the highest of standards. Residents at any of the beautiful care facilities spread throughout the United Kingdom appreciate the high quality care and beautiful surroundings that are offered. Staff training is an ongoing commitment that is variable so they are multi trained in many job requirements,Guest Posting and keeping them fresh and happily providing the care our residents deserve.

Festivities abound on those special occasions
Whether the stay at one of the lovely Select Healthcare Respite Care Home facilities is only for the short term or a longer visit is the plan, residents can be assured of spending their time being entertained and kept busy with many opportunities to choose from including arts and crafts, bingo, Old Time Sing-a-longs and many other fun activities. Residents and staff find the special times like Christmas and Easter have special meaning at one of the fine facilities because everything becomes quite festive and memorable for everyone.

Residents are encouraged to be sociable
Each of the residents are encouraged to participate in any activities offered at the Select Healthcare Respite Care Home by experienced activity coordinators with full agendas designed for fun and entertaining days. Everyone is kept busy with a wide variety of “places to go” and “things to do”. Such activities as music, crafts, baking, shopping, outings, local walks, discussing news and world affairs, and entertaining are all available for the fulfillment and to promote independence among the residents.

The respite care provided at Select Healthcare keeps everyone busy
Those residents who wish can have a hair cut or spend time with the visiting hairdressers, talk with a visiting clergy, optician, chiropodist, and even dental work can be completed in house by highly qualified providers. The most important criteria is the high quality of care provided by the excellent staff who aim to make the respite a memorable and fulfilling stay.

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