Steps to Fat Loss

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Losing fat, requires discipline and sustained efforts to achieve the desired results. Just as you follow some basic steps to set your goals and plan to achieve them in every activity in your work and personal lives, you need to follow same principles if you want to monitor your body fat percentage and lose fat to your satisfaction.

Most people are aware of this and start their fat loss programs with great enthusiasm,Guest Posting but lose their way somewhere in the middle and end up with frustration and disappointment. The following guidelines will help you to keep your mind focused and control your fat percentage effectively.

1. Get To Know Your Body's Basic Fat Requirements

There are no exact figures that can be applied universally. However, experts have succeeded in arriving at some guidelines for the required body fat percentage. These guides are a range of values for different age groups and for different activity levels.

Our bodies need some essential fats for normal functioning. These are around 2-4% for men and 10-12% or women. You cannot live without these fats.

However, the stored fat, which is absorbed by the body which can make you become overweight or obese is around 18-25% for healthy males and 25-31% for healthy females. The figures are much lower for those pursuing vigorous physical activities such as athletics, games, and weight lifting. For older people, the figures tend to be higher because of decreased metabolism. You need to consider all these factors while setting your fat loss goals.

2. Learn Simple Methods To Measure Your Body fat.

To measure your body fat percentage, periodically, you can choose from body fat scales, body fat calipers, hydrostatic weighing and simple softwares. The softwares available are both online and desk top versions, which ask you to fill in some data about your height and body measurements. They then calculate your body fat percentage and display the results.

Sadly, None of the methods can guarantee total accuracy of the results. While the hydrostatic weighing is rated to give relatively more accurate measurements, the skinfold calipers are considered to be the most cost effective. The softwares mentioned above are available in a wide range and hence their accuracies also vary.

Ask yourself why are you trying to lose body fat. Depending on the purpose of your fat loss goals you can choose the right measuring tools for you. To start with you could use some of the free softwares available online.

3. Plan To Achieve Your Fat Loss Goals.

Prepare a detailed roadmap to reach your fat loss goals. Set realistic goals for losing fat. Determine milestones, choose the measurement tools, fix the frequency of measurement and put these data in a tabular form. Give that form an attractive title. Print this and put it in a binder and keep it handy. Add any new information you gather gradually build up your own fat loss program swipe file. You could use this file to create your own product and market it online and offline.

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