Strength Training Will Speed Up Weight Loss

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Why Women need Strength Training Women tend to forget about their muscle strength but every activity we do depends on them , from our everyday household tasks to our leisure or sporting activities.

We need that strength even more if we wish have abundant energy to exercise on a regular basis and live an active lifestyle.

When Fitness Professionals ask women about their fitness goals,Guest Posting many mention personal goals such as decreasing body fat, having a firmer body, feeling better, and improving energy levels. Often, women try to achieve these goals by focusing mainly on aerobic exercise such as walking or jogging because either they do not understand what strength training can do for them or they fear that strength training exercise will give them larger muscles. Thanks to female hormones it is highly unlikely lean muscle tissue will increase very much. In fact only a small amount of extra muscle maybe a kilo or two is needed to help achieve a loss of excess body fat. If one of your health and fitness goals is weight loss, strength training exercise may be the answer to achieving the strong, fit, firm and youthful body you long for.

Many women miss out on the incredible benefits that strength training has to offer because of myths and false beliefs regarding this very important element of fitness. Done properly a strength training program that focus's on major muscle groups of the body such as the back and legs increases the amount of toned lean muscle tissue. This will require more calories to be burned both during exercise and throughout the rest of your day. This is how excess body fat with be reduced. Many women incorrectly think they need to spend their exercise time walking on the treadmill or other similar aerobic activities . This will not produce the body fat reduction as muscle tissue cannot be maintained or increased with aerobic (heart/lung) training alone. And an increased metabolism is the key to weight loss.

Without strength training, an adult will lose approximately 1% of their muscle tissue per year after 30 years if age. For example:. If you are 55 years old and you've lost 25% of your muscle mass, you might be expending 250 calories less per day. You now have two options either you will always have to restrict what you eat so that you do not gain extra body fat, or you can begin a strength training program to raise your metabolism.

Strength training works because toning up muscle ignites your metabolism and keeps your body running like a zippy sports car. Every 500 grams of muscle on your body burns between 30 and 50 calories a day even when you're watching TV or sleeping. Women often blame excess body fat on a sluggish metabolism when what's really to blame is dwindling muscle mass. This loss of muscle is so slow and happens over such a long period of time that it goes unnoticed. This reduces the metabolic rate which allows sneaky body fat to start to accumulate.

If you're not strength training already, don't delay any longer, get started right away. No matter what your age you can become a strong, fit and more youthful woman. Make sure you see a Fitness Professional so you can learn the correct technique of the exercises and to ensure you get your results quickly and safely.

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