Study shows that asthma sufferers using pulse oximeter technology

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Studies show that by using a pulse oximeter asthma sufferers can reduce number of asthma attacks.

In a recent study conducted by the Darvish Health Clinic in California it was found that asthma sufferers that used a pulse oximeter to monitor their oxygen levels where less likely to experience an asthma attack. The study was actually conducted by testing a pool of 100 asthma sufferers and they were closely monitored over a period of six months. Of these 100 individuals 50 were given a pulse oximeter to use on a daily basis while the other 50 were not given such a device. After months of close monitoring and recording the number of occurrences of asthma attacks it was determined that those that used the device on a continuous basis experienced significantly less cases of such an attack. The device is actually a product of years of research and technological advancement. The earliest forms were only found in the hospital setting and were quite large and thus did not warrant the ability to take them wherever the person desired to go. If you needed to use one you typically had to either go to the hospital or to your physician’s office as they would really be the only one’s with the budget and access to such medical equipment. However,Guest Posting there was a true revolution in the technology world when new technology finally paved the way to make pulse oximeter devices that are significantly smaller and are able to be taken anywhere the patient desires to go. The study conducted at the Darvish Health Clinic took into consideration many factors that would have an effect on the overall results. The severity of the asthma as well as the age of the individual participating was taken into consideration in order to ensure that the test subjects were on an equal playing field. Subjects were given the device and asked to take it with them wherever that they go and measure their oxygen by simply placing their finger inside the device. They were instructed to seek supplemental oxygen anytime their readings fell below normal levels. In the end, it was conclusive that the use of the equipment gave individuals with a far more advantage in to prevent the attack. When asked what was the best aspect of using the product the vast majority of the patients responded that the portability factor whereby it was small enough to be easily taken anywhere that they desired to go was the most enjoyable and convenient feature.

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