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Hair extensions are now one of popular fashion accessory and widely using throughout the world. These methods are safe, secure and natural way to enhance your beauty.

Hair extensions have become today’s important fashion accessory,Guest Posting as it enhances the beauty of the coiffure by adding length and thickness to it. They come in two types, natural and synthetic. If you compare both of them, you will find some plus points and some minus points too, with both of them. Synthetic are less expensive and are available in variety of colors and textures, but they cannot cope up with hot temperatures, so cannot be straightened or curled. Natural extensions can withstand heat and therefore can easily withstand processing too, albeit their cost is not affordable to all. These natural extensions have different ethnic origins, such as India, China, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Two techniques, namely permanent and temporary, can be used to apply these extensions to your own hair and add volume and length to them.

The life of the permanent extensions can be as long as even six months, if they have been applied by an expert and are maintained well. These permanent extensions in turn can be attached using varying means. Amongst these, the procedure of hot fusion bonding is common and heat is used in it to warm up the extensions so that they can be fused with the natural hair near the scalp. Same way, there is cold fusion bonding method too, which is less damaging, because a glue fuses the extensions with hair in it and not heat. These are the most expensive methods and cost anywhere between $300 to $2000 as per the quality and quantity of the extension and time taken to attach them. Price of cold fusion is higher amongst both of them. Another procedure is known as weaves and braided hair extensions; here, wefts are formed of the extensions and braids are formed of your own hair and then the wefts are sewn to the braids. Braids are made horizontally around the middle of the scalp and below the hairline; once they are done, the wefts are sewn to them and your hair is spread over them. Cost of this is almost $150 per session and it needs maintenance every 3 months. One more method is micro-looping. Tiny loops made of plastic to which strands of either synthetic or real hair are attached. These loops are tightened close to the roots of your hair, once your hair is passed through them. You will have to spend about $150 to $1500 for this. They persist even for half a year, moreover can be re-used. But despite being advantageous by way of looking natural and lasting longer, the permanent extensions are disadvantageous too. Prior to all is the expenditure. Firstly, you have to spend quite a lot on their application and secondly, you have to maintain them regularly and you again feel the pinch. The methods like heat, glue, chemicals etc. can damage the hair, especially if they are improperly applied or maintained. Although micro-looping is likely to cause less harm, the loops can slip down and also can root out the hair, making them totally useless for thin hair.

As the permanent extensions provide such disadvantages, clip-ins are preferred more. These are temporary extensions, which are far less expensive than their permanent counterparts and also give a wide choice of colors, textures etc. These are clips or row of clips to which strands of hair attached and the clips can be clicked under the natural hair so that they cannot be seen. They are being preferred more and more these days, because they are easy to use, don’t need any professional for their application; plus, their cost is so less, that you can use a new one every time. Amongst these, there are again numerous synthetic varieties. The highest standard of synthetic extensions is monofiber (monofilament), the price for which is anywhere from $20 to $40. They are wonderfully similar to human hair and offer a wide range of colors. They are used permanently too. Silky straight Kanekalon is yet another kind with each packet costing $5 to $10. Their quality is very smooth, straight and shining; however they are suitable just for straight and braided styles. Another variety, called silky braid Kanekalon, is perfect for dreadlocks, braids and straight styles. Each packet of them costs just $2 to $4. Despite their rough quality and finite choice of colors, they are good-looking. One more category is Jumbo braid Kanekalon, which is as cheap as $1 to $2 per packet, moreover offering various colors. However you cannot manage them easily and advisable only for use as a quick, disposable style. Pre-packaged dreads or braids are also available; braids cost maximum $5 and dreads cost a bit higher. 

Clip-in hair extensions are more preferable always, as they are less harmful to your mane and numerous experiments can be carried out with them to your enjoyment!

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