The Importance of Antioxidant Vitamins to Your Brain

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The human brain which is a true miracle of evolution is a delicate and sensitive instrument. Its chemical balance plays a major part in how it can properly function. Many of the substances found within the brain all work hand-in-hand for maximizing the brain’s ability to function. But this can only be achieved through the help of various vitamins and minerals that we need to take in order to keep a healthy and sound mind. In fact research show that certain vitamins are very important to brain function as well as to help maintain the brain’s good health.

Free radicals can cause serious damage in the brain. Due to his,Guest Posting the brain’s specialized functions that require some of the highest levels of oxygen in the body the brain is the most likely place wherein free radicals can cause a lot of damage to. Free radical damage in the brain includes memory loss and the decrease of cognitive ability. Some studies indicate that unchecked free radical damage may play a great role in Alzheimer's disease. That makes antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins C and E as very important to the health and functioning of the brain. These two vitamins when combination have been found to help prevent memory loss while recent studies have shown that they can even offer significant protection against Alzheimer's disease, as well as against certain types of age-related dementia. Sufficient folic acid intake which is also a part of the Vitamin B Complex can also give a positive effect in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Vitamin B complex is also known as to be as essential part of the proper functioning of the brain. Those lacking in these vitamins can suffer from various types of dementia such as confusion, short-term memory loss and certain types of mental illnesses. Maintaining proper levels of Vitamin B complex nutrients can actually improve verbal memory.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for helping build a good memory, as well as Phosphatidylserine or PS. PS has been found to play a big role in the production of the chemicals that act as neurotransmitters which is how the brain communicates and affects the other parts of the body. It also helps out in the improvement of one’s memory. Ginko bilboa is a supplement that has been found by some studies to offer protection against age-related memory loss. While a recent study in Britain found that depriving the body of iron can actually reduce a person’s IQ level. In today’s fast food culture which is caused by the rapid change of lifestyle poses to be a big threat to a person’s nutrition. Especially in the case of children who tend to grow up with very active parents who have no time to actually cook a well-balanced meal for them tends to have their nutrition easily neglected. In order to fully meet their intellectual capacities children must meet the suggested daily intake levels of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Drive through cuisine and prepackaged and over processed convenience foods simply cannot provide the nutrition that the brain really needs. In order for a person to fully take advantage of his brain’s capabilities, it is highly important that he or she takes very good care of it by following the specific amount of nutrients that are needed to nourish it as well as stay away from stress and other pressure induced activities that can be harmful to your health. Proper nutrition can also be accompanied by nutrition supplements which in turn can help you meet the daily required amounts of vitamins and minerals that you might not be able to get from your choice of food.

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