The international market of plant extracts

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The plant extract is an active ingredient derived from the natural plant. Plant extracts are the main raw materials for herbal preparations.

They can be used in nutritional supplements,Guest Posting health food, cosmetics and other industries. They are core products in market of natural medicine and health products.

The plant extract is an emerging industry. It is only a short ten-year history. Despite the early nineteenth century some European countries have started production and application of plant extracts, but also just AU bud state, not a scale , let alone enough to become an industry. In the world until the early 1880s set off a "return to nature," the frenzy, people feel attached to the role of synthetic drugs, natural herbal medicine to produce a sense of security, so that the plant extracts the development of rapid and overwhelming, along with Germany, Britain, the United States, Italy and other countries have already started the production of herbal extracts used in Chinese medicine health food. A food supplement use, the development of plant extracts can be a real upgrade.

The main active countries of plant extracts are the United States, Europe (including Germany, France), China, India, Korea, Japan and Brazil. The consumption of plant extracts in the United States accounted for more than 60% of the world. 2010 Asian herbal extracts market is estimated at $ 1.5 billion, about 4 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about 26.7%; Japan $ 320 million, accounting for 21%.

The United States is one country with largest consumption of plant extract. Currently, the U.S. standard extract did not develop specific regulations, but many large U.S. pharmaceutical factories in the standard extract have its own strict quality requirements, while their price is also more sensitive. U.S. herbal raw materials irinotecan and 70% rely on imports from abroad, the product of raw herbs or extracts, extracts of single herbs, such as herbal medicine made from Ginkgo biloba, green tea, soy isoflavones, angelica, ginseng extract.

The EU generally uses plant extracts as raw materials of herbal products. It is one of the world's largest herbal markets, accounting for 45% of herbal sales worldwide, including Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, a large market share. In recent years, the development of the herbal medicine market in the EU faster than the chemical market. German plant extracts in the legislative process to allow the registration of registered medicines in Germany, about 800 kinds of herbal products has been approved as a prescription drug. Herbal preparations in France are the active ingredient from plants or plant; herbal preparations in the Netherlands refer to a plant or a certain part of the plant to extract the active material. Spain herbal preparations from extracts of plants or plant products. Visible, despite the differences in theory and cultural backgrounds, but part of the plant docetaxel extracts of traditional Chinese medicine as part of its active ingredients known and quantifiable, Western society has been generally accepted.

In Asian countries, the application of herbal medicine is very popular. China's traditional medicine, Kampo, Japan medicine and South Korea's oriental medicine also posse important positions in international community. Asian herbal extracts market is estimated at 700 million to $ 800 million. In 2004, China's extracts exports to Asia amounted to $ 88,660,000. It accounts for about 10 percent of its market share. In addition, the export of plant extracts to African countries has been in a very low level. Africa’s economy is relatively backward and underserved. Therefore there is a large potential market of Chinese medicine in Africa. China needs to vigorously develop it.Source:

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