Top Ten Drinks And Recipes That Contain Acai Berry

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Acai Berry is known to have remarkable anti-oxidant content and weight loss properties which have made it a hot spot in health industry. Here are top ten foods that allow access to acai berry without hurting the taste buds.

Acai berry has swept the health supplement market,Guest Posting with its remarkably high antioxidant and weight loss properties. A lot of Americans are finding a place for this unique and exotic food in their lives, and here are the top ten ways to include acai berry supplements in your own diet.

1.Acai Berry Smoothie: The classic smoothie, which already contains tropical fruits such as bananas, benefits greatly from the addition of more exotic flavors like acai. Some people like to toss in a shot of white rum as well, but that's entirely up to your own personal level of taste and discretion.

2.Acai Bowl: Even among people that are aware of acai, this is a little-known breakfast recipe that makes for a good substitute for cereal. It's simply a cup of frozen acai pulp, mixed with a few ounces of your choice of fruit juice, with sliced bananas and a little granola on top. It's satisfying, and gives you the energy you need in order to get your day started.

3.Acai Mimosa: In a traditional mimosa, orange juice is mixed with champagne of your choice to create a classy beverage, with the alcohol in the champagne complementing the fruity flavor of the juice. Throwing in a splash of acai changes both the color and flavor, and it's sure to get some attention when you're mixing it all together.

4.Acai-tini: Acai Juice, Agave Nectar, Lime Juice, and a shot of your choice of vodka come together to give new life to the classic Martini recipe. Typically, about an ounce of acai is recommended; just enough to give the flavor you're after, so that you can remind yourself that you're actually drinking a healthy mixed drink, believe it or not, with every sip.

5.Acai Yogurt: True yogurt is fantastic for your digestion, since it contains enzymes that aid your system in naturally processing the food you've eaten for the day. Adding acai to the mix not only enhances the flavor, but bumps the healthy aftereffects to an entirely new level.

6.Acai Powder: This powerful antioxidant comes in a processed and powdered form as well, and is probably the closest thing to an acai drink mix you would be able to find. With this, you have a new level of flexibility when it comes to mixing the essence of this healthy tropical berry into the drink recipe of your choice.

7.Acai Pulp: Some people enjoy the flavor and texture of pulp in their orange or pineapple juice. Acai is absolutely no different. For easy shipping, the pulp sometimes arrives dehydrated. Just add water, and you're ready to mix up your favorite cocktail.

8.Acai Liqueur: A lot of companies that make specialty alcoholic beverages are coming up with some interesting concoctions, combining the healthy benefits of natural fruit essences with high quality, charcoal-free acai berry drinks. A quick search should be able to yield some examples of acai-infused alcohol.

9.Chocolate Acai Smoothie: Anybody that's a fan of chocolate-covered cherries understands the decadent delight that comes when you mix sweet fruits with chocolate. Even though acai can be a little on the tart side, mixing in a few milk or dark chocolate chips can make for some really interesting milkshakes.

10.Tropical Acai Mixer: A juicy blend of half a dozen different tropical fruit juices, including grapes, cranberries, with acai thrown in for good measure. The flavor blend this creates is phenomenal, and you know it's healthy for you to boot. The tart sweetness of acai goes well with many different things.

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