Top Worst Side Effects You May Note When Taking Prescription Medication

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Medicating isn't a new idea for many people and together with the many drugs sold in the pharmacy shall be the drug literature, informing people of the potential side effects which may be experienced while taking the medication.

Taking drugs for medicinal purposes is nothing new and as you can see from the drug literature that is included with the drug,Guest Posting there is a list of possible side effects the consumer could experience. You may be terrified of the list of side effects and at times, you could be disheartened from taking the drug and completing it to the last day as prescribed by your physician. But there are medications that could give no side effects whatsoever and there are drugs which are so harsh on your body especially those chemotherapeutic drugs that may cause a substantial amount of side effects to one’s body. 

Listed below are the top 6 worse side effects which you can experience when on prescription medication therapy.

· Pregnancy - Avandia is a drug of choice for people who are diabetic. One shouldn't only ensure his or her blood sugar but to make sure that safe sex is well practiced if one doesn’t want to get pregnant. Other than pregnancy, this drug may aggravate heart problems. 

· Gynecomastia or breast enlargement in men - A drug for hair loss treatment known as Propecia increases testosterones and estrogen in men. The upsurge of estrogen causes the gynecomastia in men accompanied with loss of libido and increase in body fat. By discontinuing the therapy the moment you notice these unwanted side effects, you don’t have to suffer from it.

· Loss of sensation-the way you sense things may not be that sharp when you're taking in pills. This is true for most OTC pills especially those that have to be dissolved under the tongue. Such pills aren't delicious to the taste. Other medications could also affect your smelling and hearing sense, and may even even cause your eyes to dry or cause you to have hazy vision. 

· Hallucinations-A drug called Lariam was used to fight malaria and was given to soldiers and tourists so they won’t contract the disease but there were high incidences of hallucinations and other psychotic effects as well after the medication intake. 

· Suicide - patients who used Chantix a drug used to help smokers quit smoking usually reported a higher incidence of suicidal thoughts, depression and behavioral changes. 

· Decreased testes size-Patients taking TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for hormonal imbalance can experience a reduction in the testicular size and probably the sperm count as well. 

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