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Ban Lan Gen can be a Chinese botanical herb tea, the popular herbal remedy for sore throats. It could strengthen the disease fighting capability and help eliminate heat and also toxic substance. It gets rid of heat from your blood, subdue puffiness, and alleviate sore throats. This parenteral solution is especially used to take care of fevers as a result of epidemic febrile condition, eruptions as a result of toxic temperature, throat swelling, mumps, erysipelas, serious conjunctivitis, epidermis and outside diseases, carbuncle, and also swelling.

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If talking about ban lan gen, I think there are nobody who don’t kown it. In Fact, I can say nobody even don’t eat it, right?

As we all konw, Ban Lan Gen is a Chinese herb tea, which is a popular herbal remedy for sore throats. It can strengthen the immune system and help clear away heat and toxic material. The medical herb banlangen is used for malaria and encephalitis. The instant beverage feels cooling and relaxing as it reduces swollen glands and sore throat and clears complexion blemishes. Besides, It removes heat from the blood, subdue swelling, and relieve sore throats. This parenteral solution is mainly used to treat fevers due to epidemic febrile disease, eruptions due to toxic heat, throat inflammation, mumps, erysipelas, acute conjunctivitis, skin and external diseases, carbuncle, and swelling.

Even though there are lots of benefits that we can get. it still exists some factors that we care for. For example, What is it made up of? Here I am very honoured to help you solve this problem.
1. Amino acid
2. Arginine
3. Proline
4. Glutamate
5. Tyrosine
6. ³-amino butyric acid
7. Leucine
8. Valine
9. 3-Indolylmethyl glucosinolate
10. Isatan B (Glucobr-assicin)
11. 1-Methoxy-3- indolylmethylglu-cosinolate (Neoglucobrassicin)
12. 1-Sulpho-3-indolymethyl glucosinolate and etc.

After looking at this inner ingredients, we all can use it more securer. However, Just like every coin has two sides, ban lan gen is not the exception. If you don’t use it in a right way, It also can take some problems. For example, First, prolong usage of Ban Lan Gen may cause internal bleeding and injury to blood producing function; Second, It may also cause allergic reactions included: dizziness, rash, purple lips and face; Third, If you have kidney disease, please consult with your doctor or related field specialits before applying and etc.

Do you know it better after browsing this article? Hope it can do a great favor for you. In my opinion, I think banlangen is really a good medical herb. Because it is a prepared medicine. You can buy it from many places and very convenient to lay up. I always have some at home. When I have fever and don’t want to see the doctor, then I will drink it. Very convenient to drink it. You only need put it into hot water. Very simple as make tea as well. But it is based on the light fever and troat. Usually it works. For a bad fever, the best way is to consult the doctor. This is only my ways. Hope more and more people can share their ways to deal with some light disease.

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