Newport Coast Photographer looks at Family Portraits at Crystal Crove State Park

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Crystal Cove, near Newport Coast, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, is a favorite location for family photography.

Crystal Cove,Guest Posting nestled between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, is a favorite location to photograph families for good reason. This article lists out some of the reasons photographers love this location.

  1. The shuttle service; from the parking lot down to the beach area there is a shuttle service. This service is particularly helpful for families with aged grandparents or babies. In many of the beach locations around Newport and Laguna Beach the family must descend long steep stairs in order to reach the photographing area. At Crystal Cove a family can bypass the stairs by taking the shuttle right down to the beach.
  2. The cost is right; in many Orange County beach locations, the city or owners require a payment of hundreds of dollars to shoot at a particular beach. This cost may initially be paid by the photographer but in the end will be passed along to the family. Photographing at Crystal Cove is free. There is a small fee for parking, but it is minimal.
  3. Diversity of locations; Crystal Cove is larger than most Orange County beaches and encompasses wooded areas. In addition, it has several unique structures. The large beach allows a photographer to get shots from a number of different angles with a number of different backgrounds. He can photograph with a sand and ocean background or with an ocean cliff background.

If a family does not need to take a shuttle down to the beach, they can take the wooded path down. The tree lined path which usually creates excellent lighting allows for some rustic shots. On the way down the path there is a tunnel. Many families choose a shot of their family at the end of the tunnel with the tunnels mouth framing the shot.

At the entrance to the beach, there are some old barns and buildings painted a pastel blue or red. Pictures in front of these buildings give a retro 50s feel to the image. These shots are good to adjust in Photoshop to a black and white, pastel or sepia tone.

There are a number of good locations to photography a family in Newport or Laguna Beach. For the above reasons, Crystal Cove is one of the best.

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