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Residual income is where you get paid over and over again, for something you did only once.

Do you know what residual income is? Residual income is getting paid over and over again for something you did only once. For example,Guest Posting a musician makes a song, and gets paid royalties for doing so for the rest of his life. Now it doesn't take an author, a song writer, or a complete genius to make residual income. It is very possible to make residual income from the internet, by finding a residual income business opportunity.

A great source of residual income is affiliate marketing, if you know what you're doing. If you promote a single product, like a book or program, you only make commissions once off of things like those. In order to keep making money, you must constantly make sales from those product, and this can get quite repetitive.

However you can earn residual income if you promote and sell something in which the customer pays fees regularly. Promoting products or services which require membership fees are a good example. If you refer someone to a subscription for a private membership site, you'll make residual income for as long as that person remains signed up. Think of something that people need on a regular basis; something where they would continuously need new information on. This kind of thinking can help you find a residual income business opportunity.

Promoting products that people constantly need is another way to make residual income. A perfect example for me is that when I refer people to my web hosting service, I make $10 per month, per person, as long as that person remains registered with that hosting service. Another option is promoting every day products such as vitamins, cleaning products, or magazine subscriptions. Once you establish yourself as a trustworthy source, people will keep going back to you to buy those products so you keep earning affiliate commissions and thus residual income.

Now there is a drawback to these ways of making residual income on the internet. And that is you may have to be a paid member of the program you're trying to promote. If you think about it, it only makes sense since there must be a source of all the commissions and revenue. But if you are smart and hardworking, you can refer enough people so that the residual commissions that you make off of them cover the cost of your membership fee. That way, you can only go up in your profits as you work to refer more people.

So as you can see, it is quite simple and easy to find a residual income business opportunity and start earning residual income. Go find a program or product that you can promote. In the future you will be quite glad to have done so.

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