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And the day you waited for and dreamt of is finally here. With your heart racing and stomach full of butterflies,Guest Posting you are in total dilemma how and where to start the decorations(obviously, it won’t be you  running around, but it will definitely be according to your taste). Don’t be tensed. Take a deep breath and take your pick from the following decoration ideas. We are here with an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary, simple yet classy decorations for that biggest day of your life. 

So, let’s start with the Entrance:

Your guests are going to flow in through this entrance and needless to say, with your relatives greeting them with a warm smile, the doors/ gates should keep up with the day.

Curtain the entrance with strings of white lilies or jasmine. The entry way cannot be more pleasant and charming than this.

Alternatively, if you would love to pour in lots of colours on your wedding, have a mix of yellow and orange marigold to drape your gates and balcony. Give your guests a heavenly, aromatic welcome. 


Day or night, a wedding house can never look gorgeous without a generous amount of lighting. From fairy lights to diyas and candles, the real mood is always set with the lighting.

When its a wedding in the house, not a single inch of your house goes unoccupied. To give a great ambience to the terrace or the balcony, try having some diyas and flowers arranged gorgeously in a huge traditional vessel. With sheer curtains or drapes, the warmth of these diyas only gets multiplied.

Special people of the day need special treatment. This place for the bride and the groom looks ethereal with the warm tiny lights brightening up the divan sofa and the table. Candles surrounded with spilled flowers give a perfect company to the couple.

Welcome Ethnicity:

If your house (size) allows you to play with colours, do not go for a rethinking. Just like the space above,  host your guests with colourful and fragrant marigolds, jasmine and roses. The mandap here has also not shied away from placing decorative matkas. The white background has truly helped to highlight the richness and vibrance of these colours.

Don’t miss the stairs!! 

Some of us have huge single or double stairs in our homes and we cannot miss out on adorning them . The house below (of Mr and Mrs Tolia) has beautifully adorned the railings of the two stairs that create an arch, dividing the space.

The tree in your backyard can serve as an excellent space for hanging a jhoola for the couple. If you already have one, spruce it up with flowers and colourful ribbons. If you are doing it specially for the occasion, use colourful ropes and stylish seats that blend with the theme selected. 

Let the surrounding too get drenched in the happiness:

Flowers can never be too much for an Indian wedding. If you are blessed to have trees around your house, don’t forget to dress them up with pretty flowers. Alternatively or additionally, fairy lights can be wrapped around to dispel any darkness around your house. To give it an auspicious touch,  tie up tiny bells at the end of the floral strings.

Accessorize them up

Decorative thaalis that go well with any festival occasion can be a wonderful idea to decorate tables for a wedding too. The Thaali  here is laced with golden beads and laces and has cute little votive candles and a beautiful Minar.

A table whether inside or out in the courtyard, can steal the show with appropriate drapery to cover it elegantly. A vase of flower can be the perfect partner.

To give a simpler and softer look, instead of bright roses and marigolds, go for soothing roses. The bulb like installation containing soft roses is hung from the ceiling that is surrounded by lush green creepers.

Your return gifts for your guests too can serve as a wonderful decorative item like the silk bag shown above that contains a candle and a jar of jam. The golden strings and traditional golden borders at the bottom give a classic touch to the gift pouch. Hope these big and tiny decoration tips will help you out in sprucing up your house for the biggest day of your life.

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