10 tips for your kitchen backsplash remodel

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Use these quick and practical tips to choose the most durable, good-looking and kitchen-friendly tile for your backsplash remodel and save some money on its installation without giving up the quality.

The kitchen backsplash is both functional and decorative part of the room’s interior that has to be picked out and installed carefully in order to last longer and function as proper wall kitchen wall material that is easy to clean. As backsplash may completely change the look of your kitchen and it’s not that difficult or time-consuming to install,Guest Posting you might want to include backsplash tile replacement into your weekend-long kitchen remodel.

However, considering the peculiarities of the area the tile is going to be installed on, it’s quite important to approach the tile choice with some knowledge and awareness, as well as entrust its installation to an experienced tile installation contractor (find one on HireRush.com). For instance, you need to think about the texture of the tile to make sure you’ll be able to wipe the grime and cooking grease off it without any difficulties. The color and the pattern of tile work will not only influence the design, but also the installation costs.

But, no matter what design you opt for, make it look fun and stylish and you’ll instantly want to spend more time in your kitchen.

These backsplash design and installation tips will help you discover some useful info on backsplash tile options and tips on choosing the best design and materials for this part of your kitchen makeover. 

  1. Determine the material you’d like to use. The thing is that some kids of tile aren’t completely appropriate for the backsplash areas. For instance, you might want to avoid natural tiles that have uneven textured surface, as they’ll be a pain to clean. Bamboo and cork tiles, which are considered eco-friendly, need to be sealed to be kitchen-friendly. At the same time, some tiles (like stainless steel) with glossy finishes get scratched when cleaned with certain supplies easily, which doesn’t go well with the kitchen.
  2. If you’re on a budget, pick traditional ceramic tile and experiment with the orientation of the tile (diagonal, vertical, etc.) to come up with intricate eye-catching designs and patterns that don’t cost a fortune. Your tile contractor will certainly give you a few interesting ideas incorporating the tile you’d like to purchase.
  3. Don’t do the side backsplash. It looks really awkward and obnoxious. Unless you have a sink installed in the corner of the kitchen or your counters and cabinets are installed along the two adjoining walls, there’s no need to extend your backsplash to the other wall and make it look cropped and lacking furniture.
  4. Make sure to get the trims for the edges to ensure that the finished backsplash looks complete. Decorative trims and molding pieces complementing the design and the finish of the main tile chosen for the backsplash will look the best.
  5. If you’re all about making the small space of your kitchen appear bigger, you may consider installing mirrored mosaic tile for the backsplash. In addition to making the room look more spacious, it reflects more light and gives the area a bit of a trendy gloss.
  6. Choose from the tile the shop has in stock or order way beforehand so that you don’t have to wait for your materials for a few weeks or even months. If the shop doesn’t have as many tiles as you need, consider combining different colors and tile sizes to create a complex backsplash, which always looks quite advanced and fancy.
  7. Save your money on decorative tiles and choose the design that involves fewer decorations, but still looks far from plain and ordinary. Bear in mind that tile contractors charge less for less complex laying patterns and bigger tiles, as don’t require as much time and effort to install as tiny multicolored mosaic patterns.
  8. Spice up the look of your plain white kitchen with the floral decorative backsplash to create a bold focal point attracting the eye’s attention and have something fun to look at while cooking. Avoid too trendy designs and patterns, though, and remain on the more traditional and neutral side of the tiles to make sure that the backsplash looks great at all times until you decide to change it.
  9. If you’re considering installing backsplash on your own, make sure that the tile solution, sealing and grouting material will ensure proper water resistance, as otherwise, your tile may develop cracks and mold due to the exposure to the excessive moisture typical for the cooking areas.
  10. Contrasting tiles combined with lighter or darker furniture finishes and countertops erase the blank and flat image of the kitchen and give it the true design dimension. You may look through the backsplash ideas on Housebeautiful.com and get inspired for your remodel.

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