Bathroom Light Fixtures—Know Your Basic Lighting Needs

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Lighting can exponentially influence the quality of your bath room not just in terms of style but also in purpose. Bathroom light fixtures are very important as they are the main reason why we are able to carry out our personal needs such as bathing and grooming the best way possible.

Finding the right set of bath room lights is also very important. With so many different types of lights available in the market today,Guest Posting it would be quite a challenge to pick out the right fittings without basic knowledge about them. In the bath room, there are different areas. Each area is designed to serve specific functions. The bath area is used for washing the entire body, the vanity area for grooming the face and styling the hair, while the toilet area is for answering nature’s call. These different areas will need specific types of fixtures and it is important to select fittings correctly.
The vanity area will need a good task lighting scheme. This is often one of the top illumination priorities when renovating the bath room. Light fixtures that are poorly placed above the mirror can create shadows around the face. While on the other hand, placing lights on either side of the mirror will get rid of shadows and boost illumination. Though Hollywood style lighting can be great, this seems to be impractical for typical home mirror. Instead, vertical scones will make a great alternative that’s also energy saving as well.
In the shower area, of course good lighting scheme will also be very important to make sure that washing and cleaning of the entire body is done correctly. A poorly lit bath area can be very dangerous as risks for slipping can be high. The best fittings to opt for in bath areas would be lights that are shielded to reduce direct glare. Recessed down lights that are specially designed for wet and damp areas is the best choice. Simple recessed hanging lights or gorgeous mini chandeliers can create the right look and lighting.
Ambient lighting fittings are great to use just in case your bath room still needs additional lighting. Two or more ambient lights can be used for bigger bathrooms and only one for smaller bathrooms. You can place them in areas where lighting is not enough such as in the vanity or tub area.
These bathroom light fixtures most likely make up your basic bath room lighting needs. Be sure to only choose those that are of top quality and are designed for bath room use. 

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