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When you work with a handyman, you want to know that you have the best possible worker for the job. You can choose between working with an independent contractor, a professional who works for himself, or a handyman who works with a service company. Both provide their own unique benefits, so take the time to research which option works best for you.

When you hire a handyman to help with a project around your home or business,Guest Posting you must decide whether you wish to hire an independent contractor or an individual who works with a service company. Both can provide excellent work and carry their own benefits.

Independent Contractor

Working with an independent contractor may be a more affordable option. Many of these individuals charge by the hour, if you find one who does the job efficiently, you can save money. Also, because independent contractors are not accountable to a company, they often perform above and beyond expectations, can provide advice that protects you from needing another repair, and have the freedom to give estimates.

Independent contractors also have a reputation to protect, as the best way for them to get new business is through referrals from satisfied customers. For this reason, an independent handyman is going to know his limits, freely telling you what he is and is not comfortable doing. In many cases an independent contractor will work harder to please you than someone who is working for a company because of the need to build a good reputation.

When you work with an independent contractor, you know exactly who will be at your door at the time of the repair. You likely have already met the actual handyman when you got an estimate on the cost of the repair. You have the opportunity to build a relationship with a professional that can help you not only on this particular repair, but on future repairs as well. This can be an invaluable resource for as long as you own your home.

The Company Man

Working with a service professional employed by a company saves you time, because you have less checking to do. Handyman companies will perform background checks on potentials workers before hiring them. This means you do not have to spend as much time researching your potential contractor before hiring him.

Companies have the right licenses and insurance to protect you from accidents. This provides peace of mind, because you will not have to worry if someone goes wrong during the repair. Both your home and your liability are protected with the right insurance.

Working with a company also brings some guarantees. You know that the contractor is with the company when he shows up in a company uniform. Some companies guarantee their workers will be there at a set time, and provide refunds if they are not. Also, the company will require clean up after the job is done. Finally, working with a company gives you several service professionals to choose from, which increases the likelihood that you have access to someone experienced in the type of repair you need.

So which is better? Both types of service professionals provide quality service, so the answer really depends on your preferences. Take the time to interview some companies and some independent contractors, and check websites with customer reviews on them. When you are done, choose the handyman that feels like the best fit.

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