How to Modernize Your Shower for Less Than $1000

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Are you ready to modernize your shower on a budget but don't know how to do it? Although your bathroom shower might be looking worn down and dated right now, it’s not a lost cause and you may not have to spend a fortune to bring it back into good shape. Let’s explore a few simple shower remodeling ideas that can typically be executed for less than a grand.

Update the Shower Head & Hardware

One of the cheapest ways to improve your shower on a budget is changing the shower head and other bathroom hardware,Guest Posting including the faucet, temperature control knob and drain cover. Update your shower quickly and affordably by selecting a more contemporary style of hardware that matches the rest of your bathroom decor or by swapping out the current fixtures for ones in a different metal finish, such as trendy brass, elegant chrome or classic satin. 

Install a New Shower Door

Your shower door is a major focal point in your bath and creates a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. Luckily, you don’t need deep pockets to change out your shower doors. Popular frameless shower doors can be purchased for under a grand at the local hardware store or online, giving your bathroom an instant modern makeover.

Shower Refinishing

Shower refinishing is another important step to modernize your shower and is far more affordable than you might think. Refinishing is the process of repairing the surface of the shower, whether tile, acrylic or fiberglass, and then adding a new layer of reglazing to bring back the shine and protection. With this professional service, the surface area will be sanded, patched, and etched. Then, a primer and top coat of industrial finishing will be applied.

It’s never recommended to take this task on yourself because DIY kits aren’t high quality enough to leave lasting results and, without the right equipment to execute this project properly, you’ll likely end up with bubbling or peeling in a matter of days or weeks.

Fortunately, fiberglass shower repair isn't too costly. Most US companies offer this service for less than $1000 and the end results is a new-looking shower without any demolition, delivery headaches or installation costs.

Refresh Your Shower Curtains

If your shower has curtains, then one of the easiest and most affordable updates you can make is to simply buy new ones! Most local home decor stores sells shower curtains that are less than $100 and, often times, less than $50. Take your time selecting curtains that coordinate with the style and overall look of your bathroom and you’ll love how big of an impact this change will make.

Consider Repurposed Storage

A free-standing storage cabinet in your bathroom or shower can make a huge difference. The use of small wooden crates as a storage option to hold extra bath towels and toilet paper can be a stylish option to consider, if you are drawn to a more rustic or farmhouse look. Paint these in different colors to add a modern yet unique character to your bathroom. If you lean more toward elegant or classic styles, shop your local thrift store for traditional standalone cabinetry and shelving. If your taste is more contemporary, hop online to find bathroom shelves or linen wardrobes for just a few hundred dollars.

Stylize Your Shower Today

An aging shower isn’t a hopeless cause if you’re on a tight budget. Utilize any of these ideas to give your shower a quick update for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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