Radiant Heating Installation Mistakes that Will Leave Your Feet Cold

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If your HVAC system is inefficient, you might want to try radiant heating installation. The most popular systems are placed under the floor and will keep comfy without the high utility bills. 

Rather than warming the air,Guest Posting why not warm the person directly? That’s the benefit of having radiant heating installation in your home. Traditional HVAC systems heat up the air, which is far less efficient. There are cold spots, hot spots, and a few cracks or partly open windows can suck out all the air. Under floor systems are the most popular, but for additional comfort many people also install ceiling panels. There are two main varieties, electric and hydronic. Both have benefits and disadvantages, but a few mistakes made during radiant heating installation can leave your feet cold and your wallet empty.

It is important to find a professional company to install the system. It can be extremely complex and involves ripping up parts of the house and then putting it back together again—which isn’t for the faint of heart. Choose a company that is certified and offers warranties on their services and products. Many will also perform a complimentary or low-cost quote so you can get an accurate estimate on the overall price of the project before you commit to buying. While even professionals can make mistakes, when you take the time to pick a reliable company, they will ensure that they do what it takes to get your system working properly.

People who have concrete flooring must take extra precautions under floor heating installation. The material will not be as conductive as thinner materials, which means burying the pipes or electric lines too deeply will result in zero effectiveness. Some dishonest “professionals” will try to skimp out on the tracks below the floor. They’ll spread them out or not place them in certain areas altogether. The result is cold spots and a waste of money, all due to laziness. If you pay to have an entire room system installed, that is what you should get. Insulation of the perimeter is also important for maximum efficiency. While you don’t have to watch the workers like a hawk, ask to be shown each completed step so you can make sure it is up to your standards and expectations. 

Leaks and freezing are two more problems that can be earnest mistakes. A small leak in the pipes will release the warmth, which means less will be toasting your feet. While at first this may not be that noticeable, over time it can make a difference and you’ll notice larger bills with less heat. The pipes are also susceptible to freezing if moisture becomes trapped inside. Safety tests are absolutely necessary to ensure the system is flushed of water and there are no leaks. You don’t want to discover a major defect after your floor has been put back together and your home restored.

Radiant heating installation can save you money, keep you warmer and increase your home’s value. It’s also safer than supplementing a heat system with space heaters, which are extreme fire hazards. A small mistake will end up costing you, so insist on plenty of testing and don’t be afraid to monitor the contractor’s progress.

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